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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

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  2. Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 not being on Now 35 is so bizarre to me, I could have sworn it was on it, I think it's because Christmas 1996 Now 35 was on heavy rotation in several households, and so was 2 Become 1 as it was everywhere at the time.
    I then realise it hasn't been on a main Now compilation, I feel as though they tried to make up for this by including it on Now 30 Years.
  3. NOW 35 came out a few weeks before 2 Become 1 did. I feel like they should have had it on 36 and then had Mama be on 37 along with Who Do you Think You Are, but I guess they wanted Mama as it was more current having only been released 3 weeks prior whereas 2 Become 1 was 3 months old by that point.
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  4. Spice Girls singles release pattern rarely worked in favour of a Now release, it always seemed by the time a Now was out, Spice Girls were already onto their next big single.
    I remember Mama being very current at the time Now 36 was released, which was good, but I agree 2 Become 1 could have also been on Now 36, they could have included 2 songs as it isn't unusual for this to happen, maybe 2 Become 1 on disc 2.
    The most jarring was Too Much being included on Now 41, an entire year later.
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  5. It was unusual to include more than 1 song from an artist back in the 90s though, wasn't it? And the charts were faster and busier so there was more stuff they'd want to include.
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  6. It was unusual back in the 90s but it did happen, Now 44 had 2x Geri Halliwell songs.
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  7. NOW 1984 extra coming 14th January. Another 60 tracks
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  8. That's another strong track list, I never thought I'd ever see Siouxsie and the Banshees - Swimming Horses on a Now compilation.
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  9. I don't recall John Lennon 'Nobody told me' being a hit in 1984? If so, why?
  10. Can’t criticise the quality but the selection is terribly safe. The two that stick out are the inclusion of the Pretenders non hit and Motown’s dodgy Jacko barely top 40 single. Could have replaced with decent hits sized that are rarely included. At least someone noticed Mr Young’s non appearance on the big set.

    Nobody Told Me was top 10 in January but quick in and out I think. Not also on Now 2?
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  11. Again no appearance of Cyndi.
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  12. Yep, as @Blaahh says, it went in and out very swiftly. Debuted at 11 (on the back of being the first brand new/unheard Lennon since his death), rose to 6 but didn't hang around (probably because it was very ordinary).
  13. Nope, it could easily have been but NOW 2 had enough old codgers as it was! (Slade, Macca, Stones, Bowie).
  14. Interesting that they chose 'Girl You're So Together' from the 1984 Motown remixes rather than 'Farewell My Summer Love', which I believe is the only Michael Jackson song ever to feature on a traditional NOW album. I guess these are the only two MJ songs NOW can get their hands on!
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  15. Oh, so Nobody told me was a previously unreleased track at the time? I just assumed it was a well known song from his heyday.
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  16. Who we're all now older than they were at the time of Now 2!
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  17. It's nice that the NOW team seem to be splitting releases between the general public with albums like NOW Rock, Summer, etc & also between the NOW fans with these Yearbooks. It's a nice balance, and I hope 2022 follows this format as well.
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  18. Note: Swimming horses followed by Seven Seas!
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  19. Skin Deep > Perfect Skin > Hand In Glove too.

    I swear I didn't compile this!
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  20. Thinking of you - Stuck on you
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