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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Made all the better with added .... Liam Gallagher.
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  2. The best NOW for me and I never even owned it (NOWs started reaching my part of Greece in 1989) but I remember spending hours just looking at the two page Smash Hits advert and thinking how cool it was that all these songs were in one album. Especially the 'lesser' hits like Who Found Who, Joe Le Taxi, House Arrest, Say It Again, Valentine, That’s The Way It Is.

    Even the novelty / ad songs are good.

    Will this go on streaming (which will mean House Arrest will finally hit the platforms)?
  3. Easily the best NOW.
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  4. NOW 3
    NOW 5
    NOW 7
    are the best for me - and like @Vasilios - when I saw the two page advert in Smash Hits - I couldn't wait to purchase the Twin cassette! I was 14, 15 and 16 years old at the time respectively.
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  5. I still wasn't buying the NOWs in '88....but looking back, 11 was the strongest since probably NOW7.
  6. They put the first few Now albums on streaming but they seemed to have stopped for some reason. But it was never the full track list, lots of greyed out tracks.
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  7. NOW That's What I Call 80s: Dancefloor Out Apr 20. I don't know, I would like they move on from the 80s. I really hope it's a one off and not the beginning of a Dancefloor series. N8d1.jpg N8d2.jpg
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  8. I'm getting bored of these 80s compilations now. I don't mind maybe a compilation that has a mix of songs that includes 80s, but there are just over-doing it now.

    There's so many 90s, 00s, and 2010s ideas they could easily make.

    NOW That's What I Call 90s Pop is just begging to be made.
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  9. I’m surprised we never got a 90s hits when they did forgotten 90s hits.
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  10. Yeah. That was odd. We did get Now 100 Hits 90s Number 1s which was quite nice, but the 90s are notorious for having subpar UK No. 1 singles and iconic Non-Number 1s.
  11. Yes, these are all blurring into one another at this point.
  12. For me, it's not necessarily a want to move on from the 80's, but it would be great if the 80's were remembered as more than the same 100 or so songs that are endlessly churned out on these compilations. I could look at any top 40 singles chart between 84 and 89 and it was near wall to wall pop brilliance but these comps are the same stuff, again and again, over and over. You Spin Me Round is one of the two best pop songs ever, but its obligatory inclusion in every compilation ever as though the 80's, or even Dead Or Alive themselves, had nothing more to offer is shoddy, lazy, predictable and lazy, and predictable.

    We pick over a tracklist of 40-50 tracks and it becomes 'essential' or we're grateful because of the inclusion of one rarity, or an actual 7'' mix of a track, but the 80's offer near endless possibilities for a brilliant compilation. The morsels we've been conditioned into devouring as and when something is accidentally dropped onto a tracklist or someone goes 'off-piste' in the compiling department is a sad testament to the brilliance of a decade that was vibrant, outstanding and life-affirming (musically at least).

    The above Now Eighties Dancefloor set is 59 of the usual suspects, wheeled out time and time again, with the 'much sought after rarities' being the two remaining tracks - a #64 smash for not-even-one-hit wonder Sheryl Lee Ralph (who?) and a Barbara Pennington track (who?), but hold on, there's no laziness here, oh, no! Babs' two 'hits' - a #62 'smash' and its #57 follow up - are way too ubiquitous to be allowed a valuable place on this set, so we've gone with something that never even made the top 75, if indeed it charted at all.

    I get that they may have scaled the dizzying heights on a Guatemalan hit parade or been on regular rotation down the local molly house back in the day, and there'll be at least three and a half people in this forum who've been gagging for musical behemoths Babs and Shezzer to be given their 'rightful' place on a Now collection, but seriously, can someone please let compilers know Dead Or Alive et al actually had some other hits, and we frugged frenetically to Denise LaSalle's My Toot Toot in 1985, and Voice Of The Beehive did some quite good songs in the 80's etc etc etc.

    I think I must be early onset manopause coz I ain't taking this sh*t today, haha. In fairness, if I didn't know the 80's existed, and I hadn't been there at the time, or I'd never before bought an 80's compilation, the above looks quite brilliant, but before we do the same to the 90's (with arguably less pop genius available), can we please learn some lessons (in love) from the 80's. And to end on a positive note, I was there in an age when giving it some welly around a handbag to My Toot Toot was an essential Saturday night and I'm here now in an age when I can compile my own damn collections, so every cloud and all that.

    Anyway, I'll pour myself a stiff G&T and chill out to Sheryl Lee Ralph's Greatest Hit collection.

  13. To me it looks like because they’ve licensed so many tracks for the Yearbook series and early Now reissues, they want to milk them and get as much use out of them as possible.
    Just looking at that Dancefloor track list it’s clear they’ve included songs from the Yearbook series that don’t usually appear on these compilations until recently.
    So I’m just going to stick to the Yearbook series and ignore all these spin off releases.
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  15. I think it's because the individual releases don't sell in very big numbers, they have to do more releases to keep the sales numbers up.
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  16. Does anyone know the tracklist for Now That's What I Call Pride? A 2x coloured vinyl Walmart exclusive, released 27th May.

  17. Track listing is in the comments
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  18. Thanks - Walmart don't have the tracklist - was intrigued to see what was on there.
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  19. It's not a bad selection. A lot of comments are like "this is homophobic" and "where's Madonna" and I'm just like "just buy the record or not, entitled ding dong".
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  20. What makes these companies think we don’t need to know the track list?
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