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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The tracklist is definitely fun but there's some...odd stuff going on (George Ezra? Valerie? My All remix being track No.1?)
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah I don't think everyone has those playlists.
    As I said before the first 2 discs are pretty solid. Disc 3 to me feels like the same old classics that have been on every gay compilation ever. Obviously they're classics for a reason but the same can be said for when Now releases the umpteenth 80s compilation with Take On Me and Love & Pride on it. It does as it says on the tin but it does little to make me sit up and think 'I need to have this'
  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Mariah probably demanded it?
    (Or a fan made the tracklist)
  4. Since Mariah is harder to license they probably had to compromise for a remix. Probably the same reason why Madonna's song is 'God Control'. Still quite shocked Taylor agreed to YNTCD appearing since she has a similar situation with her own (kinda) catalogue.

    I think a lot of time and effort went into this one and does a great job of defining the pink pound in different generations. Instant buy.
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  5. I am a happy gay, but I don't like many songs on the album (well, around 25% I like).
    It's called personal taste I guess.
    I have never had a playlist called any of those things.
    I guess my music taste is just too eclectic, for a gay man.
  6. Congratulations on your eclectic taste. But the amount of people who seem to shaming this selection of songs when I (as a gay man) love nearly all these songs. But apparently a 30 year old gay doesn't deserve an album of bangers without feeling guilty or belittled. I've seen people call this Karen's Night Out playlist and a collection for a cis gay who's over 30. It's cruel and mean.
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  7. I haven't seen anyone post anything like that on here?
    It's not my cup of tea but I don't have a problem with anyone liking it, or wanting it.
    If you like it, buy it, enjoy it and have fun. Don't be sad, be proud.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I don’t think anyone on here meant to belittle your taste. Individually there’s hardly a song on there I don’t like. Just like any other Now’s I’m judging it as a compilation which I feel is decent but could be better.
    That’s in no way meant to come across as ‘lol, you like these songs, really???’
    So please don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying it!

    (I think in general compilations with a different theme than a period of time are always a bit shoddy because it’s very hard to make a ‘definitive listing’ of ‘songs about love/for workouts/for pride’. It will always feel a bit random, and I don’t like random)
  9. With all due respect, one of the wonders of the streaming age is that you can create your own Playlist with the same theme. Therefore make it personal to you!
    My own pride Playlist would contain a lot of Patrick Cowley as his work means a lot to me in that setting. I used to do this with mixed tapes in my youth!
    Playlists with songs about weather/colours etc.
    Just be creative yourself.
    A few of us Pjers on this thread created imaginary Now for 1980, 1981 and 1982 a few years back and it was great fun!
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It's not like I ever feel I get it right when I do a playlist myself either to be honest.
    Even struggle with year ones and at least there's a clear selection to pick from.
    But in this case I wouldn't even know what I'd need a playlist based on this 'theme' for. It'd either just be 'a random bunch of songs I like' (well I got my entire collection for that) or 'songs I think 'most gay people will like' (and then.. what's the point, who exactly am I making the playlist for in the first place?)
    Basically, I suppose this one just isn't for me. Some great songs and artists on there but nothing I wouldn't get from just putting my itunes on shuffle.
    Which doesn't make it a bad compilation by any means, just means I'm probably not its audience (which in this case feels a bit odd because... well I am a poploving gay guy so I guess I am meant to be its audience?)
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  11. Regardless of sexual identity or musical tastes, surely we can all agree that no playlist should feature George Ezra.
  12. Sorry I've never heard of/any songs by him so I'm in no position to comment!
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  13. No one has said anything like that. If you feel you're being belittled because I don't want to buy the same compilation you do, then you should consider spending less time online.

    This is a discussion site about pop music. People will disagree. And so they should, it would be boring if we were all the same. I like talking about this stuff, in my Eeyorish way. I don't get personal. But if I think something is shit, I'll say so. I make no apologies for that.
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  14. I've not heard of him he Better Than Ezra?
  15. Sorry guys. I don't know why I'm taking this so personally. You go with what you feel. Much love to you all!

    I'm still pre-odering it though.
  16. I love a bit of George Ezra but yeah he's not really 'pride' CD material.
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  17. As expected, the Pride compilation announcement’s been getting (undeservingly?) destroyed in the QRTs:

  18. Looks like a good compilation to me.
  19. Seconded. And Deborah Cooper’s vocals on A Deeper Love are sublime
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  20. Shame it's getting torn apart. And what's even worst is that no one is paying attention to the next tweet which about donating to charity.
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