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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. I’ve read Now Yearbook 81 has re-records of Bad Manners, Can Can and Elaine Paige, Memory and they sound like them. Poor.
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  2. Definitely avoiding it, was already not keen.
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  3. My Now Yearbook 81 vinyl turned up from Amazon with the sleeve torn, I couldn’t get a replacement because they’re sold out, but thankfully I popped into my local HMV and managed to get a decent copy.
    Amazon refunded the damaged vinyl though and let me keep it, so I guess I’ll just use this one to play.
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  4. Out: June 24
    Ns1.jpg Ns2.jpg
  5. It's a busy life over at NOW headquarters these many spin-offs, so little time...

  6. I promised myself I’d only collect the Now Yearbook vinyl, but I’ve caved and bought all the special edition CDs and the Extra CDs, HMV to the rescue having them all in stock, although 83 was a bit pricey at £21.99.
    I just know I’d regret it one day when they’re obsolete and hard to get hold of.
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  7. Aside from the obvious are there any potential glaring omissions from Now Yearbook 1985?
    Cyndi Lauper was quite the surprise considering she usually featured on most 80s compilations and Girls Just Want To Have Fun was on Now 2 just a few years back.
  8. Yearbook 85 has been announced?
  9. No I’m just speculating the track list. Also hoping it’ll be the next one! And also hoping it’ll rightfully include Running Up That Hill.
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  10. Oh! I was off to SDE to see if they'd announced it...haha.
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  11. Sadly Madonna's first UK No. 1 probably won't make it as usual. Into the Groove is the first song I think of when someone says 1985.

    Apart from Madonna, Prince, Bruce, and Bowie everyone else is usually fair game. Although Phil Collins has yet to appear on these spin-offs (no loss for me). And I don't think MJ released anything in '85
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  12. Yeah, there won't be any Phil (One More Night, I presume would be included otherwise).Bowie only had a couple of minor Top 20s so again, despite being on the 10th Anniversary NOW 1985, he'll be missing. Will we get any Madge at all? Probably not. Unless Crazy For You slips through because it was originally on Geffen.

    Prince didn't have any (new) hits in 85, though Raspberry Beret has become bigger over the years than it actually was in the UK (#25).

    Will we get Bryan Adams' Run To You or Summer of 69? I assume the omission of It's Only Love was down to Tina, not him.
  13. With Madonna licensing a song to the upcoming NOW Pride there’s a bit of hope she might allow something, even something like Borderline, was this rereleased in 85?
  14. Originally 84 but reissued early 86.
  15. I think God Control managed to appear because Madonna doesn't have full control of her Universal catalogue yet. When Warner buy those albums it's safe to say we'll never see her appear on a compilation ever again.

    If a Madonna song was to appear I'd love it to be Dress You Up. I prefer it more than Into the Groove (depending on which version it is).
  16. 'Gasp'

    Dress you up is INCREDIBLE but Into the groove is God-like.
  17. Into the Groove is Iconique - but it gets so much of the spotlight (haha Madonna joke) from an era that contains so many great singles.
  18. "Gambler" needs to be on a NOW compilation. It might appear on streaming sites then!
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  19. She has a sole writing credit on Gambler so you'd think she'd want the $ that would bring!
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  20. Now that's what I call Vegas.
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