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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. A friend of mine turns 40 in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd casually pick up the '82 yearbook on vinyl.


    Cue mucho traipsing, searching, being annoyed that they list something as vinyl when it's in fact the CD... Eventually found it for £26, which is fair. He'd better fucking like it.
  2. Good job finding it at that price, the vinyl disappear very quickly, I think 1981 was sold out within the first week of release.
  3. I was very lucky to pick up the "last copy" in HMV a few weeks ago. Those vinyls and deluxe CDs sell so well - it makes me kind of happy and gives me hope for future releases. Just have to get through the obvious 1980 edition first, and then we should be going forward, full force.
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  4. It's such a simple idea that it's hard to believe it's never been done before, but I guess label politics probably got in the way previously.
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  5. I'm really not looking forward to 1980, I never play the Millennium edition, which will probably be better anyway because it has Ashes to Ashes on it, it's very unlikely the Yearbook edition will do. 1985 please!
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  6. I know we talk about it all the time, but at one point Bowie was an EMI compilation staple. I even remember him being on budget compilations like "101 Running Songs" and stuff like that. Licensing really has changed in the past 10 years.
  7. Yes it's so bizarre how things work out, the same can apply to Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Time After Time have been on so many 80s compilations.
    I bet the NOW team were thrilled when they realised they could license Under Pressure via Queen.
  8. I can't believe Cyndi's stuff is no longer licensed. What happened there? Did she buy her masters or something?

    Those licensing loopholes are fun to think about though. They can't get MJ's Sony/Epic releases so they just settle for mediocre Motown songs instead of things like Thriller or Bad. Makes me think maybe they could get Gambler/Crazy for You by Madonna since they're technically owned by Geffen Records.
  9. I had a dream that 'by accident' the version of God Control on the compilation was an unreleased remix (or maybe it was a radio edit). It won't happen of course, but it's good to dream.
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  10. Gambler would be a huge selling point for 1985 if they could licence that! It's been so hard to find for decades that it would be amazing if that turned up remastered.
  11. Well they put the Madonna version of Shake Your Head on Now Dance 92 (which she refused to release), so you never know! I feel it could be an edit, it's a long song so surely there isn't enough room for the full version on the disc. I just hope it's not that awful botched French radio edit.
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  12. Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game
    Sugababes - I bet you look good on the dancefloor
    Finley Quaye - Dice
    Phil Collins - Against all odds
    Aqua - Viva Las Vegas
    Steve Miller Band - The Joker
    Lady Gaga - Poker face
    ABBA - The winner yakes it all
    Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Roll the dice
    Kenny Rogers - The gambler
    Sting - Shape of my heart
    Kylie - I should be so lucky
    Robbie Williams - Win some, Lose some
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  13. Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
    Motörhead - Ace of Spades
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  14. George Michael - Spinning the Wheel
    ABC - Rolling Sevens
    ZZ Top - Viva Las vegas
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  15. I was listening to NOW 34 and had forgotten that Higher State of Consciousness was on there despite being on NOW 32 as well. This must be the case of the quickest reappearance of a track in remix form (the two versions aren’t even that different) just two NOWs apart!

    D:Ream and Juliet Roberts both have remixes of tracks from NOW 25 appear on NOW 28, but the Josh Wink one must be a record.
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  16. I see Now 1980 Yearbook is out on 15th July - at this rate they'll be done with the 80's by December!
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  17. N80.jpg N80t.jpg
    Now 81 extra on Juy 1, Now 80 on July 15 ? Quite close !
    No Now 112 and Now 12, yet
    I really hope they're moving foward after this ! I want Now 1985!
  18. It must be a NOW 80s compilation if Queen are Track one on CD1. . Can't fault that Playlist! Good to see "Magic" on there but no ELO, David Bowie and Sheena Easton?!
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  19. I know I've said I wasn't much excited for 1980, but, that's actually a really solid track list, Donna Summer On the Radio is a great surprise. Also, I'm very much here for the fast turnaround of these releases. I'm also loving how much Siouxsie is on these albums. Oh and the inclusion of Kate Bush is reassuring we should get Running Up That Hill on 1985.
    Sheena is on disc 4 with 9-5, Bowie not being included was expected as they haven't been able to license him recently.
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  20. I have preordered the 1980 Yearbook for completism more than anything else, I don't like a whole lot on it. I'm looking forward to them getting back to 1985 onwards after this little detour to the pre NOW early 80s. I really hope 1987-1989 throw up some rarely compiled songs on the Extra volumes. I still need Taja Sevelle's Love Is Contagious on CD!
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