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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. It's the original version, but with 10 seconds cut off the intro.

    In 2001 it was played as much as, if not more than the Rob Searle remix. They even did a re-cut video for it.

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  2. I think that 4:09 version of Set You Free is the same as the original 4:20 version but just sped up slightly, unless anybody wants to correct me? I've been in this position before, trying to sort out the different versions, and this is the conclusion I reached, wrong though it may be.**

    But to answer your question - yes, NOW 50 featured this "original" version and they also performed it on TOTP.

    ** Edited as I've just seen someone else say it's just had 10 seconds lopped off the front.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Ah thanks!
    I tagged it as 1995 now although there’s also a 1994 edit of 4:10 but that one sounds like it has different production, at least on Spotify… some (re)releases and versions really are a bit messy and confusing, especially when using terms like ‘edit’ or ‘original mix’
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  4. Don't get me started. Thankfully there's a very keen-eared community of pop lovers on this forum who I'm not shy to consult on such matters. There's always someone happy to come forward with the answer!
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  5. That TOTP performance isn't the original version btw. It's a new mix with elements of the original and TTF versions.
  6. Yes, the "original" version (the 1995 hit version) is actually a remix with a new vocal. This is the 1994 version:

    Though bizarrely, track 1 on the 1994 CD (which I assume was played at the time since it was played on the Top 40 and included on a couple of compilations) is the Lost Souls "Mix", which to all intents and purposes is a completely different song

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    Yeah this is where I got confused. Because quite often 'original version/mix' refers to the 'not remixed version' of a song but in case of it already being a rerelease that can still mean 'the unedited version of the main remix'. And by the time they got to the 2001 release they pretty much pretended the 1994 one never happened it seems.

    Musicbrainz kinda helped me figure it out. Not sure how trustworthy it is but compared to Discogs it can be easy when you want to search for specific edits/sort by track length of songs

    It's also a pet peeve of mine when a single gets released before an album and it has a 'single/radio edit' which might very well just be the album version but it also might not be
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  8. Well, fine. It's not the Rob Searle mix though, which was what I was attempting to communicate.
  9. This video is showing as unavailable where I am, sadly. Any other links? I'm curious to hear it and mark my digital library as necessary.
  10. The original single version is the Lost Souls Mix

    The 95 version is the hit version we all know

    The 2001 remix was the Rob Searle version, but the 95 hit version got just as much play at the time from what I remember.
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    And then there's this '1994 edit' that feels like the 1995 version but sped up??

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  12. This is like 'Ride on time' all over again!
  13. That sounds like the "original" version posted a few posts back. I believe this would be the one that reached number 39 the first time it was released. Although very similar to the "standard" 1995 version it does sound fast and has a rather confusing rhythm!
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  14. Technically it's not the version that reached number 39 though, because as I said, it's that weird Lost Souls version that was track 1 on the CD and cassette. I suppose it's likely it was the version that people were really buying it for though!

    The "1994 Edit" is actually based on this, the original original "white label" version from 1992!

    It's a horrible vocal compared to the 95 and later versions!
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  15. And just because, here are the Pop Mix, which comes complete with a cheesy Eurodance rap

    The Time Frequency Mix, which I always remember as the version Mark Goodier played on the 1995 chart of the year show

    And this excellent 2020 "wedding dance" version, featuring Sam Ryder

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  16. That Kate Bush song can be included in just one Now compilation: where do you put it, Now 1985 (because of release date) or Now 112 (it’s #1 again!)?
  17. Now 6 of course - the original is the best!
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  18. Now 112, and then put Cloudbusting on Now Yearbook 1985 whenever it arrives.

    (Unless this is just a rhetorical/fantasy question!).
  19. Why do we think the release of the Yearbooks has accelerated so much?

    My theory is that NOW Yearbook 1983 was testing the waters and was probably ready early 2021 but vinyl pressings delays meant they had to wait a few months before they could be ready, and the vinyl sold out so the demand was unexpected for that, (since they stopped releasing the NOW reissue series after NOW 2, so I’m guessing these didn’t sell well).

    Then we got 1984. 4-5 months later, same for 1982 in February, but 81 and 80 have been 2 months apart?
    they seem to be able to get these Yeabooks out quickly now, so I’m guessing the next few Yearbook releases are finalised and have already been sent to pressing plants.

    Also since 83 Extra came at the end of 2021 6 months later and after 84 Yearbook, I definitely think this was an after thought and it was never intended to be apart of the series, and again, the demand and reception was unexpectedly good, so these are now part of the release cycle a month after the release of the main Yearbook.
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  20. I should think it's partly because all the Nows sell fewer copies each, so they need to release more products to keep up the sales.
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