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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. I think these are for the Stranger Things crowd.
  2. I wonder if we will ever see the original version of Star Trekkin' on CD/Digital/Streaming
  3. What's the version on Greatest Hits of 1987? A re-recording?
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  4. His hearing would be better too.
  5. It says double album, 32 hits, original versions and then 'these are the hits of today'

    I think there was a tape of this around the house back then.

    You should look here, much better conditions are avialable.
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  6. Now 13 reissue out Nov 18. Phil Collins track missing.
    NOW That’s What I Call Music! 13 - featuring 31 chart topping hits from 1988.

    CD1 kicks off with the #1 single from Yazz & The Plastic Population ‘The Only Way Is Up’ followed by smash hits from Womack & Womack, Erasure and The Christians. UB40 & Chrissie Hynde feature with their second collaboration ‘Breakfast In Bed’ before the hit cover version of ‘Kiss’ from Art Of Noise feat. Tom Jones. Bryan Ferry is next up with the remix of ‘Let’s Stick Together’ followed by some pure Pop from Kim Wilde and Brother Beyond, and to round off disc 1 the enduring ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He's My Brother’ from The Hollies, a #1 on its re-release.

    Disc 2 begins with the massive hit ‘The Twist’ from Fat Boys & Chubby Checker followed by another ‘twist’ on a classic with Salt-N-Pepa’s version of ‘Twist And Shout’. Next up are Dance smashes from Inner City, D-Mob feat. Gary Haisman and The Beatmasters. Beloved 80’s tracks from Milli Vanilli, Level 42, Jane Wieldin and Duran Duran are included, as is ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ from The Proclaimers. Transvision Vamp inject some 80’s Pop-Rock before closing the disc with the beautiful ‘Martha’s Harbour’ from All About Eve.

    For collectors and Pop fans alike - NOW That’s What I Call Music! 13.



    1. Yazz & The Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up
    2. Womack & Womack - Teardrops
    3. Erasure - A Little Respect
    4. The Christians - Harvest For The World
    5. Hue & Cry - Ordinary Angel
    6. UB40 & Chrissie Hynde - Breakfast In Bed
    7. Robert Palmer - She Makes My Day
    8. Breathe - Hands To Heaven
    9. Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
    10. Art Of Noise feat. Tom Jones - Kiss
    11. Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together ('88 Remix)
    12. Kim Wilde - You Came
    13. Bomb The Bass - Don't Make Me Wait
    14. Brother Beyond - The Harder I Try
    15. The Hollies - He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother


    1. Fat Boys & Chubby Checker - The Twist
    2. Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Wee Rule
    3. Salt-N-Pepa - Twist And Shout
    4. Yello - The Race
    5. Inner City - Big Fun
    6. D-Mob feat. Gary Haisman - We Call It Acieed
    7. The Beatmasters - Burn It Up
    8. Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True
    9. Level 42 - Heaven In My Hands
    10. Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour
    11. The Proclaimers - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
    12. T'Pau - Secret Garden
    13. Transvision Vamp - I Want Your Love
    14. Duran Duran - I Don’t Want Your Love
    15. The Human League - Love Is All That Matters
    16. All About Eve - Martha's Harbour

    EDIT: the cd backcover has the details of the tracks...

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  7. No Groovy Kind Of Love? How silly.
  8. Wouldn`t you agree....
  9. I don’t mind a Collinsballad. Against All Odds was nice. One More Night was fine. Separate Lives a nice duet but then we got this and Another Day In Paradise I found both quite dreary. Thankfully Two Hearts in between.
  10. NOW 13 is the first NOW reissue that I don't need as I have the original fatbox. I'll still need 14-16 then 19 and 21 if ever they get that far with the reissues.
  11. 13 was the easiest for me to find of those fatboxes from 10-20. Not sure why. I got it quite a few years ago and then have seen it cheaply again a few times.
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  12. Because it's a pretty poor tracklist? For every classic there's rubbish cover versions and oldies reissued.

    I also absolutely HATE Yello 'The race'.
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  13. It feels light on "hits", but I quite like the selection. Just noticed the Brother Beyond/He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother sequence.
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  14. Ashley Abram after placing I Want Your Love straight after I Don't Want Your Love

  15. His genius! We've discussed this, but the run of "night" songs on NOW 29 is iconic.
  16. Also I love 80% of Now 13? Don't hate the bops.
    Though I will say half of them must have been too old by Nov 1988.
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  17. A lot of those songs were July/Aug/Sep, it's definitely lacking some of the big Oct/Nov smashes.

    Also have to love their desire to get Hue & Cry some promo, despite the single peaking at #42. Or did it flop because it was on NOW 13. Hmm.
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