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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Listened to a few of those Now! podcasts and some of them deviate FAR too much. The first one was perfect (the first Now) where they reviewed each song but some of them witter on too much about the guest at the start. Stick to the brief!
  2. The one on Now 44 I listened to the other day was full of inaccuracies, very little research done!
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  5. Digging deeper...Now Yearbook MORE Extra Plus
    CD1: 1-21
    CD2: 22-45

    Jumping - Hop - Bouncing

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  6. I'm sure once they have exhausted the 80s they will dig out extra extra ones.
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  7. Yes, in a few Back To Now episodes, (for example the one about my beloved NOW 43) they go on about random stuff and take ages just to even mention the NOW series.
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    What's with Now Nineties Dancefloor featuring the New Voyager Edit of You Got The Love? That didn't come out til 2006 did it? (Not that I didn't always struggle telling all versions apart)
  9. I listened to a 90s pop podcast after loving the @SmashHitter one and it was so bad… the hosts were flirting? I think? The guest was there and they kept asking stupid questions.
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    I feel pop podcasts can be very hit and miss. Some of them can be a bit dry. Some can be very 'well it sounds like they are having fun at least?'. (But I make no illusions that I'd do a better job and also find it very hard to pinpoint what I actually want from them)
  11. The Now ones should be simple. Discuss each song and is it good bad, impact, memory of it, why was it included (potentially over X track) etc.
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  12. A top 5 and a bottom 5. Discuss the other comps that rivaled the certain numbered NOW, and which songs should've made it.

    Should we all just make a massive Podjustice Popcast about each NOW?
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  15. Aha I didn’t know that. Maybe that’s where the confusion at Now HQ is.
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  16. I have had a look at the timings for NOW Final Chapter and it does include the singl versions of both Bronski Beat Why and The Police So Lonely, Simple Minds Someone is the Promo Edit at 3 58.Human League Louise is also the 4 minute 3 secs DJ Edit.Thompson Twins times at 408 which is the UK Runtime,
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    I'd support this!
  19. I forgot the *new* NOW 13 was out. I stopped with NOW 9. Not sure if I'll bite for NOW 14, depends if they continue to leave things off (isn't Sir Phillip of Collins on 14 with Two Hearts?).
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