Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

I’ve been working my way through the 70s Yearbooks in an attempt to finally get to know that decade more than just the classics, I’m currently on 74 and most of disc 2 is not my thing at all, is that what one calls Dad Rock?
Shall we move to June 28th for the next NOW release?

I caved and bought The Vault 83, I’ve only had a chance to listen to disc one a couple of times, pretty much everything is new to me, and I’m quite enjoying what I hear, the H2O song is great, so that was a nice surprise,
That Now Summer Party is a peak hideous exercise in futility, tastelessness and a lesson in how to miss not one mark, but all of the marks. And what in the name of all things WordArt and Crayola is that 'artwork?'

How can a theme that is so easy to achieve go so wholly off the rails? I can literally hear the office chat that birthed this wretched creature..

'Hey, D, put that Jenga away and come listen - Calvin Harris has done a song called 'Summer.'
'Ooh, what's it like Z?'
'All his other ones.'
'Bangin' - lets stick it on a comp.'
'Great idea D.'
'What shall we call it Z?'
'How about Now Summer Party, D?'
'Genius Z.'
'What else shall we chuck on it D?'
'The usual stuff Z.'
'Great idea D. But do you think we should, y'know, have a few more summer tracks?'
'Can do - google 'summer tracks' and bung a few on.'
'On it. 'Ere, D, that Calvin's ten years old!'
'Great stuff Z - we can target the kids and the legacy punters. Now you crank open the WordArt, I'll get the crayons and we can chuck it out, when...?'
'Well, D, we've got Now Apocalypse - The Final out 1st week of June, Now Ringtones - The Vault out 2nd week of June, Now Novelty Card Hits Volume 8 out on third week of June and Now Chewed Cassette Tapes 1985 - Extra in first week of July.'
'What!? We're not releasing anything on 28th June?'
'Doesn't look like it D - Now Then got cancelled - PR nightmare apparently.'
'That's it then - Now Summer Party - Calvin and the other stuff - June 28th.'

Not my summer party.