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Now That's What I Call PJOPS 31 - WINNER REVEALED (results start on page 13!)]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by rawkey, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Just a couple of comments on my scores:

    The Shuggie Otis song was a regular on many "mellow soul" mixtapes and playlists that I've created over the years. There's something about it that I find both funky and haunting. I couldn't resist making it my 12.

    I expected to HATE the Barbie song just by the title and name of the artist It ended up being one of the catchiest.

    Dan Hartman--nice but it sure isn't a Relight My Fire or Instant Replay, is it?
  2. Ooh, congrats for the impressive debutante victory and awesome hosting! And mucho thanks to the ten people who gave points to The Girlfriends, especially iheart for the lovely 12 -- #8 after last time's #2 ain't too shabby in a round that boasted some 40% increase in contestant numbers.

    And do you happen to know who da top dogs of 2017 are so far? DirtyKnees rules with a whopping 159 points from two bronze medals, and yours truly a close second with 146 points, dat's who!
  3. Oh it just wasn't one of my favourite Karla songs -- and since I'm never biased to favour my fave acts (let alone genres) and only concentrate on individual songs as are, harsh things sometimes happen... Sorry everybody!
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  4. Yay! 10th!

    Awesome hostage @rawkey - sorry The Curse claimed another victim.

    Happy for @londonrain as Anggun is truly amazing.
  5. Thank you @rawkey for hosting! Love the playlist and the cover of the album.
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  6. I was otherwise distracted last night... will now try to read this in order of scores and comment accordingly... I know you'll have missed my interesting input 'live'!

    Here i go...
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  7. here we go then...
    @rawkey 6 points so soon, instant nul point saved!
    @Eric Generic "zero points, one sorry" funniest comment so far...
    @berserkboi ...pushes me into double figures, hoorah, thanks!
    @Sprockrooster 12 points... gushes in gratitude... if you'd like more by her, Mice have one(ish) album, but also All About Eve as Julianne Regan was their singer too...
    @Ironheade another 12?? i'm not sure this has happened to me before... the excitement! 6th!!!
    And a 10 from @Zar-Unity ...crikey I have nearly 60 points!
    Oops to no points from me for Eric or @Ray ...that Slingbacks tune was awesome, great choice @invertedbutterfly
    and another 12 from @Ray ... I feel pretty bad now about my zero for Barbie... Mice don't have an extensive catalogue, check out All About Eve too...
    No way i'm winning but healthy scoring, thanks all so far...
    ...more results in and i appear to have stalled at 69...
    @Booers penalised and i'm up to 5th!!
    ...and back to 6th by half a point... argh!
    But still, sixth!! And 3 12's!
    And new Mice fans... I love everything with Julianne's voice, so if you want more specific recommendations i'm happy to oblige
    @rawkey great hosting, sorry I missed it live!
    Now i should do some work...
  8. I was busy at work so I missed seeing the twists and turns happen live, but brilliant hosting @rawkey. Congratulations to newcomer @londonrain for the well-deserved win. Can't wait to see what you decide to do next round if you're up for hosting.

    Some of the more experimental tracks from the album this song is on (Inspiration Information from 1974) sound more like early prototypes of 90s trip-hop or post-rock than 70s soul. It's one of my favorite albums of all time. And Shuggie was only about 20 years old when he produced the whole thing, down to playing nearly every instrument on it.

    The intro to Anggun's song is very similar to Javanese gamelan, and some of these elements are present in later parts of the song. Part of why I like the song so much is that it sounds so clearly Indonesian, not simply a Western pop song from Indonesia.

    Sugar Water was entered in a previous PJOPS contest and I remember it also did quite well. Thanks for the 12 points btw!
  9. Also once again with me not voting for anything vying for the top spot...
  10. So... do people want to stay themeless for the next round or should I be coming up with a theme to change things up? I have one in mind but I'd rather not use it if it will put people off participating...
  11. Are you allowed to share the theme you have in mind?
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  12. I was thinking of a round of duets, in honour of my original pick (which was vetoed):

    and, of course, in honour of Tindersticks' success.
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  13. Oh to this theme I would have had a perfect fit unless it hadn't already been vetoed (my first pick ;-) ):

    But I have another perfect song in mind (hope it will not be vetoed, I have no idea how my here lesser known songs did in the UK)! But I will sure be in!
  14. Ray


    I MISSED THE FUCKING REVEALS because I thought it would be tonight.

    I am surprised nobody knows Barbie *is* Army of Lovers!!! It was Alexander's drag act. This was their only flop. I mean single. It was reworked for Massive Luxury Overdose.

    Thanks for the points, especially the sole 12! And I finally kicked @Eric Generic's ass! WELL DONE ME.
  15. I didn't know it was Army of Lovers... until I watched the video.
  16. OPS31 was a fucking embarrassment for me. So I'll dust myself down and move on, like all the best teams do after a drubbing.
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  17. Just realised the duets theme has been done before.

    Do people want a theme at all? If so I can do another theme - female solo acts, perhaps, in honour of Anggun and Donna DeLory? Or perhaps debut singles?
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  18. We've revisited some themes before, so it's allowed. I like the idea! Mainly because I have something that I'd love to submit to exorcise the Bjorn Skifs demons.
  19. Okay. I'm up for that!

    I'm in a hotel at the moment and they just played A Rose In The Wind on the poolside speakers, just as I had finished listening to it again on my earphones. I have never heard any Anggun song being played in public before, much less A Rose In The Wind, which is not even particularly well-known within her discography, and there has been no sign of Anggun on the hotel playlist before this. (I'm not even in a French-speaking country.)

    Own up: which one of you is controlling my hotel music system?!
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  20. You're Welcome! It was too perfectly everything 80's camp, the video and the song... there was no way it wasn't getting my 12! Great pick! Can't wait to see what you come up with next time.
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