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Now That's What I Call PJOPS 31 - WINNER REVEALED (results start on page 13!)]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by rawkey, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. The theme is official, then - duets and trios.

    For the purpose of counting whether something is within the theme:
    1) There need to be either two or three lead vocalists on your song. A rap section counts as a lead vocal. A person singing the lead on a verse or the hook counts as a lead vocal. Background vocals do not count.
    2) If the two or three vocalists are officially credited, then great - but it's not necessary as long as (1) is satisfied.
    3) The two or three vocalists can be within the same band or they can be artists who don't normally collaborate - either is fine.
    4) If an act is the sort of act that generates tons of discussion around Popjustice, there's a good chance that even their most obscure track will get vetoed - but, as @Eric Generic pointed out, an obscure song by a fairly well-known act could work (and is better than a well-known song by any artist). However, there's no limit on the number of backups you can have, so if you send me a song and it gets vetoed you can always send in another.

    I'll open the thread in the next week or so, but if you have any questions ask me here or by PM. Feel free to submit stuff now - one person already has!
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  2. Just one question: The rule that the song has to be published before 01.01.2000 stays the same or could we expand the time a little bit?
  3. Duets? I'm sending something both amazing and truly horrific.
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  4. No, it stays the same. It comes down to when the song was first released (in any format).
  5. I'm both excited and scared.
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  6. This is going to be very tough. I have about 6 duets in mind ...

    Wondering if I could smuggle a song of the Wilsons ( with Brian Wilson taking part) into this contest and so I found myself repeatingly listening to that song:

    It's so beautiful ....
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  7. Ok, I've submitted my tune for the next round, but I had to leave a real cracker by the wayside, if anyone gets stuck and wants my spare tune just message me... I can promise you will either win or come second to my own entry... it's THAT good. I've never been over optimistic or wrong before about these things.

  8. Be sure and start a new thread so people know a new round is starting.
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  9. I'm on holiday at the moment but the new thread will be up early next week once I have access to a proper computer.
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  10. I had this exact feeling with Bjorn Skifs.
  11. I have submitted an awesome song you will all love....and am preparing for another bottom half finish. It's also potential veto bait, and I'm trying to remember if I've tried entering this group before.
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  12. If anyone is dithering about their picks - I could do with a few more trios to mix it up a bit!
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  13. Wil this de do do do?

  14. Lol, I know this one very well! It was really a hit when I was young(er)!
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  15. The new thread is nearly ready to go, but given the events of this week do people want me to delay it or change the theme to something more serious (something like "songs that bring you joy")?

    I know several of you have sent me songs already for the duos and trios theme, and I'm sitting here with a bunch of GIFs and pictures ready to go for my opening post, so I'm happy to stick with that theme if that's what everyone wants.
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  16. I think it should be your choice as the host, although we had a 'euphoric' round not that long ago.
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  17. I'll have a think about it. I'm finding it hard to express what I mean, but I guess what I don't want is for you guys to look at the thread and think "This is really frivolous and irrelevant and insensitive, and @londonrain should really be acknowledging Jakarta and Manchester and putting up something meaningful."

    Then again, there's a part of me that really wants to carry on with what I had in mind (I spent way too long on my shoddy opening graphic for the new thread) because people might be here to get away from thinking about the state of the world at the moment.
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  18. Don't worry, nobody will think that.
  19. Stick with the theme! Carrying on is meaningful in itself, especially during these times. Can't wait for your GIFs. I have an entry ready (though I hope it won't get a veto).
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  20. I especially feel that at times like this we should all savour and enjoy music for the joy it brings, not let that evil act stop us doing so. Those people who died in Manchester were there celebrating that too. That's not very eloquently put but i hope it makes sense.
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