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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Singer-songwriter with one of the most interesting voices I've heard in a bit.


    Really like this new track.

    She has a collab with Skrillex and Vindata already too.

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  2. She has a great voice. The music is good too. I'll definitely keep an eye on her.
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  3. I was just going to make a thread. kiii
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  4. New one.
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  5. Whole EP is out.

    It's really nice.

    @Mr.Arroz @TheDangerZone @Vasilios @lushLuck you'd probably all be into it.

    Also I guess the tea is she has submitted songs for Bey's next project:


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  6. Hell Of A Time is a bop & a half.
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  7. Captivated by the name. Let me try this.
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  8. I am so obsessed with this EP. Some of the best songwriting I've heard all year. If I were a recording artist, this would be my style.

  9. New acoustic EP! These definitely sound like the "country hood jams" she described in interviews.
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  10. I’m glad she’s got something new out. Her voice is so captivating.
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  11. I prefer the stripped EP after I tried to get into the original one.
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  12. Trap or Die (which is still hypnotic) was used in one of the latest Insecure episodes, so I was reminded about how good and slept on this EP still is.

    Chains is a damn bop too and would have made a great Bey cut to be honest. I can totally her imagine her voice on it.
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