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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Aw, I love NU'EST. They're cute. Need more and better material though.
  2. Yeah I only like (well love) Face. The rest of their material is rather drab.
  3. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    NU'EST M at 8:00! I love the Chinese member! He's the hottest member now!

  4. Thanks for posting Hitori! Why the hell am I just hearing about this now?!! I had no clue they were adding a new member. Is this just for China or more permanent? Also I read that they did a very successful Japanese showcase and might do another Japanese tour in the summer. I wonder if they are officially trying to break there now.

    PS. Baekho in tight leather pants will always equate to the hottest member. Haha.
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    NU'EST in Japan! They're with Sony Japan, and their first release, NU'EST BEST IN KOREA, will be on July 30th.


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  6. It's juts compilation of their Korean stuff or remakes?
  7. It sounds like Korean compilation but I hope it's not. Supposedly they've been recording new material for a while now. It was put on hold but they just started back again. Hopefully their Korean comeback is soon since Orange Caramel is simmering down.

  8. So their comeback stages are next week.

    ★] NU’EST Comeback Stage ||
    •July 10th-Mnet M!Countdown
    •July 11th-KBS Music Bank
    •July 12th-MBC Show Music Core
    •July 13th-SBS Inkigayo
    (source: @thenuest)

    Their new album will have 8 new tracks with four of their past singles. I really wished they pulled a Nine Muses, and put out a album of all new stuff.

    Anyway I have a feeling this album will be really good. They haven't put out crap since I started following them.
  9. Well they're from Pledis, when will anything they do be shit? (now what they don't do, on the other hand...)

    NU'EST have had a nice little pre-release teasing session. Better than any other Pledis act. I'll take it as a sign of things to come in the future!
  10. Well i have listened to the album twice now and I have to say it's really good not great. I really wished they pushed themselves more but the only highlights for me are Good Bye Bye, Big Deal (the chorus gives me chills), CLIMAX, and Aron's rap on Lean On My shoulder. Hopefully the album grows on me

    I think why I didn't instantly fall for Good Bye Bye was the lack of Baehko. They pushed Ren more (which is great) but I see Baehko as the main lead singer and it was just glaringly obvious.
  11. I actually really love the album. I agree about the lack of Baekho on Good Bye Bye though. Listening to Darkness right after GBB and Baekho having the first part of the chorus to himself made me realize how much I love his voice. I can only imagine GBB being better with more of him on it. I am still in love with the song though.

    And they did a showcase for Melon. They performed Judgement, Good Bye Bye, Darkness and Hey, Love and talk about the album/answer questions.
  12. Thanks for posting! this is the first time i'm listening to Hey, Love.

    Dance version of Judgment. Choreography is on point! (Baehko at the end though hehe) Now only if they'll release a dance version of Good Bye Bye.

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