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Oasis' Definitely Maybe Album

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by peteyjames, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. They've just played it all the way through in work, singing along to EVERY SINGLE WORD to EVERY SINGLE SONG...

    ...Just thought I'd vent my spleen, sorry.

    It also annoys me that the album itself seems to have gone down in history as some sort of landmark/genius/masterpiece album, whereas all I can hear on it is horrible dirge after horrible dirge...

  2. You know something? I've actually come to appreciate this album and Britpop in general (I'd dismissed it as the sound of coke addicts dancing to the sound of snorts) and there is a lot to like.

    I don't really mind Oasis anymore. In fact some of their early stuff is really good!
  3. Definitely Maybe is the sound of Oasis when they just made music and weren't coke snorting/Blur bating/Appleton shagging media dicks. the album is track after track of fantastic pop and nothing they have done since is fit to piss on it. The likes of 'Columbia' and 'Up in the sky' just fucking rule, as well as all the singles. Sigh, I wish it were 1994 again now...
  4. I'm crying into your knee-jerk reactions
  5. When it comes to Brit-pop: Blur and Pulp? Yes please. Oasis? God no.

    The only reason anyone still pays any attention to them is because Q Magazine can't write a review without the words "A stunning return to form", middle aged men who misspent their youth swaggering around Gallacher style while spouting idiotic phrases like "Mad fer it" and "awright, arr kid?" need something to listen to while balancing a lager on their 5th belly and Liam and Noel Gallacher's buffoon-like self confidence leaves them incapable of considering themselves as anything other than the best band in the world.

    Oasis's mooching from The Beatles and The Kinks and lack of interest in anything they couldn't fuck, fight, snort or drink is a odds with the best aspects of brit-pop: incisive social commentary wrapped in clever pop.

    So, yeah, you have my sympathies at least, Misterpete.
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