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October 2021 PJ Charts: #1 Album and Song Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. We absolutely are

  2. If this does not sample Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles - I don’t wanna hear it!

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  3. In fact this would be the perfect month to have both the first ever French song and the first ever Spanish song in the PJ charts top 5

  4. I second this.

    I still need to sift through other Spanish releases but let me remind everyone of the other big Spanish release of the month, Mon Laferte's new single Algo Es Mejor.

    Hopefully it can chart higher than La Mujer.

    Full bilingual album by Mon is coming on the 29th I will vote and promote it this month and next. Hopefully it can get into the Top 10 like Seis did.
  5. Wow! Never heard this before but I love it.
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    You rang?

    I will be voting for the Coldplay album. What I will not be doing is using emojis if one of their songs charts. Also I’m going to say this now - I don’t mind voting for My Universe if that’s what the people want.

    Impossible to love? I don’t think so!

    This album has some bops

    Raiden finally releases his debut mini album, featuring idols from NCT, girdle, and Weki Meki (!!!)

    Perhaps there’s time for a blues album quietly released in September?

    And for the chill electronic fans, James Blake is back.

    I haven’t listened to a lot of the albums I added to my library, so I will hopefully have more choices for you soon.

    Also, is Saturday October 30th okay for the watch2gether? I’m not going to host it on Halloween for obvious reasons, and hosting this weekend would leave out a full week of music releases.
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  7. I don't often recommend songs but this is a fuckin' banger:

    Please check her out.

    Or maybe I do often. Either way.
  8. Javiera Mena has a new song out and it's a huge bop with a horror-movie-organ solo - hopefully Spanish-language and Song-contest corner will find room for it on their ballots!

  9. I take it we're all voting for Helene Fischer?
  10. Of course!
    Album and song ballots! (Liebe Ist Ein Tanz, everyone?)
  11. Do you believe in Magic?
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  12. New album from Moon Kissed. I'm gonna keep promoing them on here! Love their sound & energy, so much. (Plus Khaya Cohen -their lead singer- legit has one of my fave voices, ever.)

  13. Surely between Indiejustice, Rockjustice, and Sapphicjustice we can get this to chart, right?
  14. Are you with me?

  15. Some EPs from this month:

    And a new album from Moyka!

    Can't wait for the mess of Agnes vs. Magdalena Bay!
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  16. Another 20th Anniversary perhaps?

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  17. I got to say it here. Mugen Loop managed to get 14th out of 26 places, 25 points, from just 4 out of 14 voters, on a very indie group I'm part of. I feel happier tonight.
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Okay I didn’t get to listen to many albums because it was sadly one of those all-week headache/migraine times. I know we have some hip hop slash rap fans on here, so let me draw your attention to this new release. @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Mr Blonde @tea @slaybellz

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