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Oh baby, baby... 90s Pop Princesses Rate WINNER WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Fuchsia, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. *walks through beaded curtain*


    Welcome to the 90s Pop Princesses Rate!


    Four ladies ruled American teen pop in the late 90s- there was abstinence, a whole lotta peroxide, countless back up dancers, but most importantly- catchy tunes that helped usher us into the new millennium. Many comparisons were made between the four artists we will be rating here, so dust off your discman, pull up an inflatable couch and slap on a pair of cargo pants and get rating to determine the ultimate queen of 90s bubblegum pop!

    Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera


    Mandy Moore - So Real


    Feel free to vote for either single or album versions.

    Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

    ...Baby One More Time
    (You Drive Me) Crazy
    Soda Pop
    Born To Make You Happy
    From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
    I Will Be There
    I Will Still Love You (duet with Don Philip)
    Thinkin’ About You
    E-Mail My Heart
    The Beat Goes On

    Deep In My Heart
    Autumn Goodbye
    I’m So Curious
    I’ll Never Stop Loving You

    Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera

    Genie In A Bottle
    What A Girl Wants
    I Turn To You
    So Emotional
    Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
    Love For All Seasons
    Somebody’s Somebody
    When You Put Your Hands On Me
    Love Will Find A Way

    We’re A Miracle
    Don’t Make Me Love You
    Too Beautiful For Words

    Jessica Simpson - Sweet Kisses

    I Wanna Love You Forever
    I Think I’m In Love With You
    Where You Are (feat. Nick Lachey)
    Final Heartbreak
    Woman In Me (feat. Destiny’s Child)
    I’ve Got My Eyes On You
    Betcha She Don’t Love You
    My Wonderful
    Sweet Kisses
    Your Faith In Me
    Heart Of Innocence

    Did You Ever Love Somebody
    I Can, I Will
    You Don’t Know What Love Is

    Mandy Moore - So Real

    So Real
    What You Want
    Walk Me Home
    Lock Me In Your Heart
    Quit Breaking My Heart
    Let Me Be The One
    Not Too Young
    Love Shot
    I Like It
    Love You For Always

    I Wanna Be With You
    Everything My Heart Desires
    Want You Back
    The Way To My Heart
    Your Face

    Rate each song on a scale of 0 - 10. Decimal points are allowed and you may give ONE song your magical score of 11. No troll votes please!
    When you have completed your scores, send them to me via PM. (Click on my username and “start a conversation” with me)
    Votes are due 28th May.​
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  2. 60. Did You Ever Love Somebody 4.59
    59. Heart Of Innocence 4.69
    58. My Wonderful 4.70
    57. You Don't Know What Love Is 4.96
    56. Sweet Kisses 5.03
    55. Too Beautiful For Words 5.24
    54. Your Faith In Me 5.29
    53. E-mail My Heart 5.33
    52. Your Face 5.48
    51. Soda Pop 5.51
    50. We're A Miracle 5.65
    49. Blessed 5.73
    48. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 5.75
    47. Quit Breaking My Heart 5.77
    45. TIE Where You Are 6.01
    45. TIE I Will Still Love You 6.01
    44. The Beat Goes On 6.09
    43. I Can, I Will 6.14
    42. I'll Never Stop Loving You 6.29
    41. Obvious 6.32
    40. Let Me Be The One 6.4
    39. Lock Me In Your Heart 6.48
    37. TIE Not Too Young 6.51
    37. TIE Woman In Me 6.51
    36. Thinkin' About You 6.55
    35. When You Put Your Hands On Me 6.76
    34. I Like It 6.79
    33. I'm So Curious 6.83
    32. Walk Me Home 6.89
    31. Betcha She Don't Love You 6.91
    30. Love For All Seasons 6.92
    29. Somebody's Somebody 6.93
    28. The Way To My Heart 7.05
    27. Love You For Always 7.06
    26. Love Shot 7.10
    25. Don't Make Me Love You 7.11
    24. Want You Back 7.25
    23. I've Got My Eyes On You 7.28
    22. What You Want 7.36
    21. Love Will Find A Way 7.41
    20. Final Heartbreak 7.51
    19. So Emotional 7.56
    18. I Turn To You 7.63
    17. So Real 7.78
    16. I Wanna Love You Forever 7.8
    15. Deep In My Heart 7.96
    14. Everything My Heart Desires 7.99
    13. Reflection 8.2
    12. Autumn Goodbye 8.25
    11. I Will Be There 8.28
    10. I Think I'm In Love With You 8.68
    09. I Wanna Be With You 8.75
    08. What A Girl Wants 9.14
    07. Sometimes 9.19
    06. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) 9.38
    05. Candy 9.50
    04. (You Drive Me) Crazy 9.52
    03. Born To Make You Happy 9.67
    02. ...Baby One More Time 9.81
    01. Genie In A Bottle 9.89

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  3. This is what pop is all about. Everyone come get your lives.
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  4. Oh my! Oh Oh My!!! This is bloody tempting!!!

    Question - why isn't I Wanna Be With You in the Mandy section? Is it not from this album?
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  5. But what about the 5th Pop Princess...
    Vitamin C
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  6. I don't know how did I miss this rate in the queue but yaaaaass. I'm definitely in.
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  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    No. It’s from her second album, I Wanna Be With You.
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  8. Ha! The title should really have given it away to me. (I'll show myself out!)
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  9. I don't even remember any of the album tracks and some of the singles for this, but I'm definitely here to support my favorite songs.
  10. I was made for this, and this was made for me. I am here. I am ready.
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  11. But wait! Wikipedia says: "I Wanna Be with You was the international version of Moore's debut album So Real (which was only released in a few countries), including songs from that album—some in their original versions, some remixed—along with new tracks recorded for this release."

    So there you go, @berserkboi. You're not crazy.
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  12. The song should be included for my benefit anyway, it might get my 11! Hehehe
  13. Me realizing that “Candy” just hasn’t won the whole thing without @JamesJupiter even needing to run the rate

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  14. Umm no @WowWowWowWow, you'll need to join the #CandyClique and support her with me because we'll have a lot of work to do against the assumed ...Baby One More Time win.
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  15. I would definitely add these Mandy songs because right now she has the least amount of songs anyway.
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    If I remember correctly, even the US version of I Wanna Be With You was basically a bunch of So Real tracks in various forms plus a few new tracks, including the title track. I don’t think any edition of it was a completely new album.
  17. I might take part just to save Jessica from the low scores she'll probably get. The 11 will be hard to give out here though.
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I can probably do the Britney, Jessica and Christina ones from memory.

    Should I be concerned about the Mandy album tracks given Mandy’s own opinion of the album?
  19. This is the peak teen-crush era for DJStraightzey. Seeing that banner at the top reminds me of the days when I had all the nu metal posters on my wall, but I also had posters of Christina and Mandy because they were the ones.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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