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Oh baby, baby... 90s Pop Princesses Rate WINNER WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by JamesJupiter, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. i will be doing this, so much good stuff.
  2. Never trust popstars' taste in their own music.
  3. Ah yes. The Ace Reject Rule.
  4. True that, I was reading in the Charli rate how she hates Sucker when it has more of my favorites than any other album and of course we all know about Ariana and "Put Your Hearts Up".
  5. Sucker isn't even old enough for her to hate yet. I mean, what?
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  6. She does, more than a few Charli fans have said it's a fact.
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  7. Charli's always a bit like that, she's knocked some of the True Romance era stuff in the past, and seems to have quite a complicated relationship with I Love It. Just keep banging out the tunes, and I'll keep liking them, don't sweat it so much.

    I think the Mandy album was the only one I didn't have at the time, but I did buy the Candy single.
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  8. It's more of a surprise with Charli because she actually, you know, wrote them.

    (Do people's musical likes and dislikes change that much over time? Mine haven't!)
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  9. If I could quote myself from August

  10. Personally not really, in a sense that anything I've liked at some point in my life I still love today. You know how I still use a Nu Metal playlist to this day, when I'm feeling like listening to that.
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  11. Oh my God. I would've been like:

    Mandy, you know who you were.
    Your bop's as sweet as candy.
    It'll be forever yours.
    Love always, Candy fans

    (one of my favorite middle eights of my lifetime)
  12. I get new stuff I like, of course, but I still like everything I've always liked and I carry it with me forever.

    (No, literally, on my old iPod in my purse.)
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  13. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Need to do this!
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  14. I'm willing to add the "new" tracks from I Wanna Be With You if there's enough demand.
  15. +1 DEMAND!

    I'd like a competitor to Born To Make You Happy from my end!
  16. You know, we talk a lot about how Britney's voice deteriorated a lot over the course (within 3 years) of her career because of the unnatural baby voice and all that, but I would say that Jessica actually had the most potential of any of these four, vocally. I mean, check out this slayage from 0:30 to 3:00. It's objectively good by anyone's standard.

    And then compare that to most of her live performances post-Sweet Kisses (or rather don't if you aren't interested in someone effectively putting their vocal chords through a meat grinder).
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  17. Yes come on Jessica (even though it's her worst album). What an underrated talent.
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  18. Jessica's vocals on I Wanna Love You Forever and I Think I'm In Love With You are both spectacular. I think she was getting her voice strength back but then again she hasn't sung or released anything in so long it's hard to know how it is now.
  19. I love I Wanna Love You Forever but Jessica’s vocal technique on the middle eight was a big red flag that she wasn’t getting proper vocal training. So much of that was clearly not healthy voice production.
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  20. Good news: I already have all four of those albums
    Bad news: I'll have to do some digging through a storage crate to find the CD singles and albums with some of the bonus tracks on. (Where is my copy of the Dawson's Creek soundtrack vol.1 with the Jessica song on?)
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