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Oh baby, baby... 90s Pop Princesses Rate WINNER WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by JamesJupiter, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I Think I’m In Love With You...

    Bloody amazing.
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  2. Are my services required?
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  3. Okay gorls, I'm going to add the original songs on I Wanna Be With You to the competition, cos I forgot how cute the title song is.
  4. Or dust off your HitClips

  5. Just bumping this soz.


    How we going- got a toothache from all the sugary sweet pop goodness?
  6. I finished Atomic Kitten and this will be my next focus. I think @iheartpoptarts and I plan to do a plug.dj session sometime to help us score/comment.
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  7. Yes please!
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  8. I started this morning and am attempting to ration my 10s.

    Also, Love Will Find A Way remains amazing almost 20 years later. Xtina did that.
  9. We're rating this now. Jessica...didn't do so well. At least @iheartpoptarts wasn't nearly as harsh as my 3.9 average.
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  10. Oh dear.
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  11. You knew it was going to happen though. Why the surprise?
  12. I was praying you'd see the light hehe especially cos I'm not sure if I'll time to vote and save her from your rankings. Luckily I'm not much much of a Mandy fan so it might be for the best.
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  13. Hey if anything this will help more voters want to come save their favs!

    Britney - 4.8 - 10x1 - 0x1 - 1x3
    Christina - 6.2 - 10x2 - 3x1 - 2.5x1
    Jessica - 3.9 - 7x2 - 1x2 - 2x3
    Mandy - 6.3 - 10x1 - 2x1 - 4x2
  14. I guess I'm giving all the One More Time tracks a 10 then

    Maybe 8s for Autumn Goodbye and I Will Still Love You
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  15. You're goddamn right. From reading some of these comments, I feel like some ballots will under-rate Baby One More Time to negate The Britney Effect™. Obviously I need to do the absolute most and give it a 10+ album average.
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  16. Ooh. I wanna play! Mandy was my absolute favourite back in the day. I loved Jessica’s debut too and think it’s her best album. I really like Britney’s debut too. The only one I haven’t listened to bar the singles is Christina’s.
  17. It is! To me it's the superior "Sometimes" (both second singles, both summer, care-free bops).
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  18. Some of these songs are getting embarrasingly high scores from me.
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  19. I’ve done all the albums. Just waiting to get time to do the extras and then you’ll have my scores, @JamesJupiter.
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  20. Legit me with your rate, too ddd.
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