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Oh baby, baby... 90s Pop Princesses Rate WINNER WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by JamesJupiter, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Well, you have two days. I have slightly longer with this rate.

    The Mandy album was the only one I didn’t buy in the nineties and it was a rollercoaster to discover in 2018.
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  2. All those early 00s bops... Lucky you.
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  3. 1999 bops, but yeah.

    I want to make a revised version out of the best So Real tracks and the new I Wanna Be With You tracks. I Wanna Be With You is almost there as a compilation album of her best tracks from this period, but not quite.
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  4. Just a reminder, you have just over two weeks to get your votes in.

  5. I've been sidetracked by Adam Rickitt.
  6. Ddd, when I sent my votes in last Saturday I told @JamesJupiter that yours would be in soon after. I thought you completed it when I did (that was the whole point of doing the plug.dj thing).
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  7. @JapaneseJesus is running a rate?
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  8. Just needed to track down some extra pics and videos! My votes are in now!
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  9. Oops, you know the site autocorrects when you select a name, I accidently clicked the wrong name, give me a break I'll fix it.
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  10. I ship it.
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  11. I'm tired leave me alone.
  12. Aw, I'm only teasing. We know who you meant.
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  13. I stan you @DJBenW.
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  14. (But seriously @DJHazey, I really do stan you. I'm sorry. xx)
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  15. Up to Jessica and this is a bit of a comedown. Maybe I just don't Like her voice? Fans of hers, pleas vote as I am going @Mina, @Filippa and @Empty Shoebox on it!
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  16. [​IMG]

    Thank you for everyone that has voted so far! The leader board is looking... interesting. You have just over ONE week to get your scores in.
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  18. 4 songs to go currently!
    My dilemma is whether to give Britney/Xtina/Mandy that 11 for my favourite song of theirs! Dilemma!!!
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  19. Done, results sent! @Mina - looks like Avicii is a go!
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  20. It's all fun and games until you get to the part with like six ballads in a row.
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