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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by A&E, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Zindzi Okenyo is a Kenyan Australian actress and singer-songwriter with a wonderful and unique voice. Her music blends indie pop with soul and more to create a sound of her own. She debuted with the single Broken Chest in late 2013, followed with last year's Just a Story (check out the brilliant remix by my fave Andy Bull as well).

    Earlier this year she featured on Urthboy's single Second Heartbeat (alongside Sampa the Great), and signing to his label Elefant Traks followed. The new single I Am Growing 10 Feet, 10 Feet Tall is out tomorrow (backed with Mirage and Just a Story) and it's one that'll lodge itself in your head in no time. Have a listen:

  2. I'm enjoying her EP, The Wave, which is out today.

    "20/20" is probably my favourite. An interesting bit of trivia is that she's been presenting Playschool for ~5 years! Is she the first Playschool presenter to have bops? More after the ad break.
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    Was going to post about the EP today, didn't expect to be beaten to it in the early am! So glad that someone else's checking for her too, though.

    Initially I wasn't too keen on the new material with rapping but then ISO totally got me – what a tune. (@2014 @NecessaryVoodoo @Noir iirc you liked it when I played it on plug a while back, @Riiiiiiiii @Kuhleezi you might like her too)

    Plus music videos for the EP's other singles:

  4. I must admit I wasn't aware of her at all until she showed up in the New Releases section of Spotify today; I was going to post about her in the New Music Friday thread but discovered this one already existed!

    I'll have to go back and acquaint myself with the older singles. "Woman's World" has been circling around in my head all day.
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  5. Let me get into this
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