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Oklou - Galore

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. OK, this girl deserves more attention. I've been obsessed with Forever lately. It's so dreamy and comforting.

    And her latest release...

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  2. She's really good.
  3. "Forever" is my favorite release. Co-produced by Sega Bodega!
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  4. [​IMG]

    I smell talent.

    @Andy French @ohnostalgia @Aries @enjoy @Trouble in Paradise @Petty Mayonnaise @Hana fans in general, I guess. (@Crisp X @Island @Xanax @aux @Slice of Life @dylbop @Mr Blonde etc.).
    Headphones are a must. Fall kind of took me beyond a bit.

    Her debut album "mixtape" is coming in September, she's calling the EP "drop 1" on her socials so I assume there'll be at least a bit of drip-feeding before that point.

    She apparently also happens to have produced one of my favourite rap tracks of yesteryear, I'm pretty sure it's still in my playlist somewhere two years later. Chynna passing on out of nowhere like that was just brutal.

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  5. The fact that I'm getting intense Janet teas from the first preview...I have no choice but to stan.
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  6. Talent still present.


    I was hoping someone would help me out with the rest of those tags but oh well.
    @Crisp X @Petty Mayonnaise @aux @Island @Slice of Life hi xx
    Elevator pitch, HANA having a white witch earth wiccan whatever moment. And a delightfully distinct way with synthesizers, Fall in particular is just gorgeous.

    She's worked with Mura Masa and Sega Bodega and also performed at that COLORS thing so there seems to be at least an attempt at building some kind of profile.
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  7. I was delighted to hear Fall in the watch2gether session for the August Charts. Definitely keeping an ear on her music from now on.
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  8. Catching up on some tags i tabbed back in the day and this is just the mood for right now. "Fall" really is that girl with those sweet muted bleep bloops my heart craves
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  9. "Mixtape" is here, and it's amazing.
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  10. Just discovered galore, and oh my god it’s perfect.
  11. I’m in love with god’s chariots but this whole album is a marvel.
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  12. A bit late but I finally gave the album a listen and I'm OBSESSED. It reminds me of Charli's dreamier moments, and the production is really top notch in all its minimalisticness.
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  13. Gods chariots is so good. I am instantly hooked!
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  14. Was doing a spring cleaning of my Liked Songs on Spotify and found this song "Forever" that I apparently liked 8 months ago but have no recollection of doing so. Straight up gave me chills. Just did a bit of a deep dive in her discography and three hours later i'm absolutely obsessed!

    I think Forever, god's chariots and SGSY are my holy trinity at the moment.

    Also, the title track, Galore, sounds like it interpolates another song but I can't quite put my finger on it. Someone help me please!

    EDIT: Nevermind i've figured it out. Apparently it's some Paul Anka song but this is what I really knew it from dd.
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  15. Help, I haven't stopped listening to her music on repeat since the other day. Galore really is all killer no filler. I can't believe she's calling it a "mixtape", this is a proper debut album. Why do artists do this?

    Her remixes are pretty great as well:

    Her last video from the era:

    Also did we know that Shygirl co-wrote "god's chariots"? I would love to see more collabs from them.
  16. Don't miss this one.

    I love that her production style basically just turns it into classic french pop, it's stupid cute. The original's really good too.
    (And unrelated but the album it's from also has a feature from miss Klô Pelgag, who made one of the best albums of last year so get into that.)

    And, I straight up tripped over another one of hers that I really thought was a remix by someone else, DJ and electronic artist (and notable Robyn remixer) Avalon Emerson made a mix for DJ-Kicks last year and put one of her soundcloud tracks in it, and it was just so far away from Oklou's regular sound that I just assumed she'd taken an acoustic demo or something and buffed it all the way up, but nope.

    Miss klouklou did that all by herself.


    And yeah, they're all on the same label, Nuxxe, founded and run by Shy. Sega Bodega and Coucou Chloe are there too.
  17. Yeah i've fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole listening to all her old soundcloud stuff too. Level 5 and the rest of that video game soundtrack is very good.

    Also can a mod please change the thread title to "Oklou - Galore". @Island @ohnostalgia @OspreyQueen
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  18. Just came across Oklou through a playlist by Fever Ray.

    Feel like my life has just become so much more enriched from discovering them. Galore is stunning. Obsessed with 'god's chariots'.
  19. A. G. Cook just released two new Oklou remixes for his Soundcloud mix.

    10:09 - Oklou - fall (A. G. Cook Remix)
    33:59 - Oklou - galore (Dream Mix)
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