Older albums you're loving today.

Cheating slightly, but listening to my playlist of these two 1990 debut (or debut English language) albums, by the two women, who would go onto dominate the 90s...


Both sound very similar sound wise, and even the album covers are also!
Adam Ant - Manners & Physique (1990)


I acquired this CD some time ago from a charity shop and have finally listened to it. Although I always quite liked the single Room At the Top (as well as the usual Adam and the Ants singles) I wasn't expecting much from the rest of the album - but it's great! It contains evident late 80s (Andre Cymone) synth production throughout so I can see why early Adam Ant fans might not have been so keen, but as someone who loves that sort of production to me it's top notch.
Ooh, what's the tracklisting on Portrait's Greatest Hits for Heart?
(I own the individual albums so have very little idea what's on the compilations, and their discography is massive)
Seeing That Petrol Emotion named gives me massive early 90s nostalgia.