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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Today it’s Sense by The Lightning Seeds.


    New album later this summer, and I just booked tickets for Shepherd’s Bush in November. We love to see it.
  2. upload_2022-6-20_19-16-37.jpeg
    I was craving this album today, apart from the overally long Bad Man Song, everything else on this album is pretty much flawless, could it be their magnum opus? I love all their 80s albums, so it’s a hard pick.
    Also, the last 4 tracks feel very much like a story unravelling song by song, building up and becoming more epic with Year of the Knife, almost like their own Ninth Wave.
  3. It's a shame Curt doesn't like any of side 2 of Seeds of Love as basically means none of it will be played live. Great album though. I'd say their latest album stands alongside their 80s ones in terms of consistency and quality.
  4. I had no clue Curt didn’t like any of Side B, I wonder if his lack of involvement had anything to do with it, its sad to think how the relationship between Curt and Roland deteriorated and Roland brought Oleta in almost like a replacement, as beautiful as her voice is. it’s a great album though and the Tipping Point played after Seeds of Love feels like the true natural follow up, 4 months after it’s release and it’s already sounding like a classic Tears For Fears album.
  5. Excellent comparison, not thought of that before.
  6. [​IMG]

    So so good
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  7. Just caved and ordered a second hand cd single of Groove Is In The Heart off eBay. Peerless after all this time.
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  8. [​IMG]

    34 years today exactly since the release of the one that started it all. Top 3 in my Kylie for me in my Kylie albums rankings, only surpassed by Disco and Light Years. What an classic album! Now, hope we better get an 35th anniversary edition next year please...
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  9. Love this album so much, the early memories it holds and it still holds up strong as one of the all time best pop debuts. It's No Secret is of course my fave track from this album, god I love that song.
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  10. It's just 10 tracks of brilliance-evem my least favourite I'll Still Be Loving You, is far from terrible. All about Look My Way though for me-nice slice of early R&B Kylie!
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  11. Popping out to the shops with this set of bangers blaring away in the car was an experience. I hadn't listened to What Comes Naturally in a while, but I still remembered most of the lyrics! A great listen and only two ballads which is unusual for a Sheena album.


    Sheena Easton - What Comes Naturally, Live on Jonathan Ross Show.

  12. A mordern day classic. Cannot believe it came out over a decade(!) ago

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  13. Shelved 80s pop!

    This is so Belinda Carlisle, scream
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  14. I love this album. Her best for me.
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  15. [​IMG]

    The first half of this album is so good.

  16. Deniece Williams - Hot on the Trail

    I bought this one on vinyl just for the cover many moons ago - it looked so jolly and CAMP. This is a really fun album and pretty much dance/pop with only a couple of slower mid-tempos in the second half. Highlights: I Feel The Night, Hot on the Trail, Wiser and Weaker.
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  17. I played this so much when I was a kid, another classic teen pop record.
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  18. I find the second half brilliant as well, which turned out to be a minority opinion in the Xtina rate. The end of the 90s saw a little explosion of pop excellence.
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  19. Fab times for music.
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