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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Such a great album. I only heard the album years after its release and always thought I Feel The Night must have been released somewhere as a single as it was SO familiar and instantaneously catchy. But apparently not, which is odd.

    She really had some amazing pop R&B tracks sprinkled on every album during the later part of her career - every album has at least one total bop - Water Under The Bridge (Never Say Never, I Confess), As Good as It Gets (I Can't Wait) and obvs Let's Hear It For The Boy (LHIFTB). Very underrated...
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  2. Making note of this Deniece album for future exploration.
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  3. A double shot of Vitamin C, perfect for the UK heatwave yesterday

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  4. George Benson's Breezin'. Great album and a great-sounding album, too.

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  5. [​IMG]
    Rebought an original Arista CD of this, from 1993. Somehow that got moved on when I added various other versions of the album to my collection (the 2CD/DVD Limited Edition, the Brilliant Adventures box). So I now have at least 3 different ones!

    Awesome sound. Absolutely pristine, and the bass is extraordinary.

    Bowie at his very coolest for me.
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  6. Really mean to pick up a copy of this, my Bowie collection is so scattergun
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  7. For me "Black Tie White Noise" was Bowie's last great album!
    The video to "Jump they say" is so stylish!
  8. I loved his look at this point. The artwork, the design concepts, everything is so spot-on. The album suffered for not really having a "big" single (Jump made the top 10, of course) and it dropped off the charts quite quickly.
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  9. I was obsessed with Suede but never managed to get back into them after Head Music .. listening to this repeatedly the last few days has completely turned me around - it’s actually a brilliant album which gets better and better with repeated listens
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  10. I feel like I do this every year. And if I did, I apologise. But this is one supremely under appreciated album. There are some weak spots, but Moonlight On Water, Bad Attitude, Never In A Million Years, and Let Me In are top-tier Branigan.
  11. Absolutely. I think Laura's Atlantic discography is pretty much flawless. I think her two '90s albums are terrific, excellent production and little filler.

    Never in a Million Years and No Promise, No Guarantee, the big ballads, were both produced by Peter Wolf. Moonlight on Water and Bad Attitude were both produced by Richard Perry. Major talent all around.
  12. Laura gives a stunning vocal performance on Never In A Million Years, that song floors me every time. I also have a soft spot for Reverse Psychology. How I long for a complete Laura Branigan CD boxset.
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  13. I'm really surprised we haven't gotten a complete Branigan Box.
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  14. There was a digital-only one. Covering the Atlantic albums.

    Criminal that it wasn't made as a physical release.
  15. I created this, from that release plus whatever else I have in my collection. Still not tracked down all the rarer stuff intended for the final disc I've listed...

  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Just lovely 90s pop bliss. Better than Louise’s 90s albums.

  17. [​IMG]

    SO many classics in that first decade alone. Not called The Songbird Supreme for nothing I think.
  18. After being obsessed for the last few days with Night Thoughts I’ve now discovered this .. is Flytipping one of their absolute best songs ?

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  19. [​IMG]

    Early 90s BLISS. Baby, Baby, is easily one of the greatest anthems of the decade if not all time. Also the US #1 on the day I was born apptly too!
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