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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. System 7 - System 7
    Art Of Noise - The Ambient Collection
    The KLF - The White Room OST

    1991/92 ahoy!!
  2. This afternoon’s every decade obsession, the magnificent KLFs, Kylie Said to Jason. How this wasn’t number one in 1989 is beyond me. I know we are all pop cultured people here but if you’ve never heard it, think SAW vs PSB. United, United….

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  3. [​IMG]

    I have been replaying this one for the whole summer. One of my favorite albums ever. How I miss the good old days.
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  4. Today’s fave is brought to you by the number 1990 and the letters B, O and P.


    Cf. Sydney Youngblood Feeling Free; Lisa Stansfield Affection; and Stakka Bo Supermarket.
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  5. Just realised, 32 years on, what's going on with that picture.
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  6. I think as a youngster (well, 13) I used to conflate Londonbeat with London Boys.
  7. 30 years today of the original Kylie Greatest Hits from 1992 everyone! Blasting it out this very second:
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  8. Still timeless after all these years. When Thousands Are Sailing came on, I literally got chills.
  9. 'Ghosts' gets all the love but, for me, the real masterpiece...

  10. [​IMG]
    Been trying to get this on CD for years, and finally succeeded.

    God damn, the bops!

    Quirky, spooky synth heaven.

    Merc Man has the keyboard riff from heaven.
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  11. I have dived down a Living In A Box hole today, criminally underrated band (though lyrics werent their forte!). Very much enjoying both Living In A Box and Gatecrashing albums but they never chose the right singles for me. Unique would have been a top tenner, especially with the mix by Mr Max Hardfilling ;)

    Still awaiting Mr Vero's reissues as there are several mixes to be hoovered up (Living In A Box - PWL Mix; Scales Of Justice - Vocal Mix, Groove Mix; So The Story Goes - Dub Mix; Love Is The Art - Art; Unique - PWL Mix).
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  12. To commemorate its 40th anniversary.


    This album manages to sound better everytime I listen to it, her best english album for me now after several years of giving 'Shine' the honor.
  13. Phil Collins' drumming is excellent on it!
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  14. That was a classic, that was a classic.
  15. [​IMG]

    SO me! Love the early 90s House/R&B/Soul vibe on it.

  16. The return of Shania has really got me into Up! Sometimes a bit overlooked compared to the iconic Come On Over. What A Way To Wanna Be!, She’s Not Just A Pretty Face, Up!, I’m Gonna Getcha Good!, Ka-Ching!, Forever and For Always - all 10s. Phew, that was a lot of “!”s.
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