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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Been doing the Pitchfork 90s poll and came to the conclusion this is definitely my favourite album released in the decade.
  2. No way! I was playing this only yesterday.
  3. I really DO need to check this album out properly-love all the singles from it.
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  4. [​IMG]

    After enjoying Paying the Price of Love on the 1993 Top of the Pops repeats last week I gave this a listen and it's a great album. Outside of the singles, Kiss of Life, Haunted House, Anything For You, Above and Beyond and Fallen Angel are all bops. The Bee Gees really successfully reinvented their sound for the 90s with this album.
  5. I approve @idratherjack , Bee Gees are quite underrated and bops aplenty!
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  6. I always used to forget the name of this album, and mistakenly call it Big Is Beautiful.
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  7. Shame the streaming version doesn't have Decadance on it, the 90s update of You Should Be Dancing.
  8. [​IMG]

    2 days ahead of its anniversary, I did a piece on my blog to wish it a happy birthday.
  9. [​IMG]

    Following on from Size Isn't Everything, I'm on a real Bee Gees kick listening to this for the first time. Obviously I know and love You Win Again but everything else was new to me and again it's a great album. Live Or Die (Hold Me Like A Child), Giving Up the Ghost, This Is Your Life and Overnight all bop but the real standout for me is the title track E.S.P. which is giving me Tango In The Night which I don't say lightly. In fact a lot of the album you could imagine Fleetwood Mac doing in 1987, it's another 70s group successfully updating their sound for the 80s. I had to check the Bee Gees weren't influenced by Tango but both albums appear to have finished recording in March 1987. I really should have checked out the Bee Gees' 80s and 90s albums earlier, they are so good, but better late than never!
  10. Tango came out 6 months before ESP, but the cat no for ESP suggests it was kept back for a while before being released. I think it was actually out 35 years ago tomorrow!
  11. Happy birthday E.S.P.!

    I was so struck by the similarities in production I checked if maybe the Bee Gees would have heard Tango In The Night and been inspired by it but it would appear not.

    I'm looking forward to hearing 1991's High Civilization next which I have read is more of a 90s dance album so should be right up my street.
  12. Accidentally clicked on this thread, and I've loved Looker since I heard it in the movie Looker (not the same version as in the movie though, but anyway). Will definitely check out the rest of this album!!
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  13. The Arthur Baker ESP remixes are my favourite of all time, absolutely amazing.
  14. If memory serves, the great Arif Mardin did at least some of ESP and it's ace. I wasn't so big on the ballads in 87, but they've grown on me.

    High Civilization is underrated. Some quite adventurous stuff on that.
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  15. ESP is fab. Appalling that the other singles from it flopped.
  16. For more Arif Mardin production work check out the following albums:
    Chaka Khan - I feel for you 1984
    Scritti Politti - Cupid and Psyche 1985

    I love the 80s sound on both of these masterpieces!
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  17. I need to revisit High Civilization; didn’t click with me at the time.
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  18. Yes, neither High Civilization or the previous album (One) did much at all. I thought Size... was going the same way, until For Whom The Bell Tolls became a surprise smash.
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  19. Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb by Joi

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