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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Oh and my Pretty In Pink OST jumped a bit too, I remember. But I stuck with it as it was one of the tracks I didn't care for much. And it was very hard to find a copy of that over here in July 1986.
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  2. My Rosie and Suzanne still sound great. I am not sold on vinyl is better/‘warmer’ sound bollocks at all but the Magic Smile 12” sounds so alive and just jumps out of the speakers (just like the Tinseltown In The Rain 12” does - that is the best way to listen to that glorious tune)

    Are A&M known for crappy records in the 80s generally?
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  3. Around the mid-80s, the vinyl used became thinner and cheaper. A&M's output was (I think) manufactured by Polygram, who were also notorious for lousy vinyl quality. CBS and Warners (even RCA) were by far the best. Some of those were pristine-sounding.
  4. [​IMG]

    The BEST Greatest Hits, ever!
  5. Kylie would like a word with you...
  6. Shut up Kim.
  7. Without doubt the best Greatest Hits album released on 3rd October 1988!
  8. Is that all?!
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  9. I always forget you don't stan Bananarama and it always comes as a surprise (to paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys).
  10. Actually, it might have been 10th October. Ugh. Think it did debut at #3 behind U2 and PSB.
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  11. I like a lot of their stuff, I have the deluxes and even the singles box (bought in a sale, but still!). I think 1983-84 was my favourite era. I love the 2nd album.
  12. Well that's alright then! We will make a Dame Jacquie stan of you yet...
  13. We hope!
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  14. This is the correct answer.
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  15. Me, too. It changed my life.
    In tune with the theme of this thread, I've been going through my "New Jackin'" Spotify list and this forgotten gem came up, sounding like it was recorded yesterday:

    (Not sure about the unibrow, but I love this song.)

    That reminded me of my favorite and most underrated New Jack group of all time, PM Dawn:

    (Sampled Al B.Sure.)
  16. I still need to get that Al B Sure CD (I have a Best Of but that's all). It never turns up in charity shops or used stores.
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  17. Back in early 1988 when I first heard Al B. Sure's "Night and Day" - I thought it was the new single by Scritti Politti - close your eyes and it easily could be as "Oh Patti (Don't feel sorry for loverboy)" was released a month or so afterwards!
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  18. I mainly know him from the Bowie duet, Black Tie White Noi-oi-oi-ise.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Madness to think it's 20 years old already! Glad I was a kid of the return of mega pop period of the late 90's to early 00's.
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  20. I really need to get some Al B. Sure. I'm shocked I don't have any of his albums or his best-of. His music was even a big part of the season one finale of Pose.
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