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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Just playing the album on Spotify and it's the original (flop) version of 'Finally', not the Choice 7" which is on my CD.
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  2. Lifeline is my post played CeCe tune, maybe it could've been a single?
  3. Her Spotify is a MESS. None of the UK single mixes of the 'Thought ya knew' releases and a heap of re-recordings, live versions and cheapo remixes.
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  4. Poor CeCe, there are so many great UK single versions missing from streaming.
  5. I love "Inside That I cried"! Good choice for a slow-jam as the 4th single. Shame there isn't a better quality video on youtube
  6. Nu-soul vybes on a lazy Friday as I type away on my keyboard. One of the most intriguing debuts, the birth of an icon.

  7. The Choice 7” Mix is awwwfulll! Original is the hit mix over here anyways.
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  8. Seriously? The choice mix is the version everyone knows in the UK anyway. Guess it's down to the version you knew first.
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  9. [​IMG]


    Kim Wilde - Love is.
    Aside from the various singles, highlights include I Believe in You, A Miracle's Coming, and Too Late.
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  10. I got used to the Choice mix. But I love the album version.
  11. Oh boy.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Janet - The Velvet Rope... "mmmm my lips hurt...".
  13. This album just moves and thills me in so many ways. Masterpiece.
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  14. Where’s the Marilyn Manson love fest gone?

    Turn around and just walk away.....
  15. I don't really watch the news, it's a bit doom and gloom of late, but since my posts I have been reading the news about Marilyn Manson and the reports of what he's done and it makes me feel very uneasy, I've deleted my posts and it's not really in good taste

    I'm glad I got my Marilyn Manson tattoo covered up 6 ago!
  16. Oh. I hadn't heard about any of that. Glad I held off picking up a copy of the Best Of now.
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  17. The “news” on Marilyn Manson isn’t really new at all. He’s been pretty upfront with his ways however there was always the story that it was consensual.
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  18. I actually just sought out this thread to say I've put my Marilyn albums in the donate pile. I had heard "rumors" over the years but yeah the latest accounts are pretty much all I need to hear.
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  19. Same here, although I've put mine in the recycling, I wouldn't expect charity shops to take them when they reopen
  20. Such a solid early 2000’s pop album. And in my first listen in 7+ years, also very...Britney? Makes sense though when considering the Bloodshy and Avant contributions.

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