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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Well done hehe
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  2. I'm totally with you on Hugh Cornwell and J.J from The Stranglers too
  3. Nice n sleazy?
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  4. Hugh has always had that look about him, like he's down the Colherne with the leather all around him
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  5. does the Coleherne still exist ? gosh I miss the times when people would go out dressed ´accordingly ´
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  6. It's one of those wanky gastro pubs now.....bad times
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  7. oh dear .. i went to Central Station about 2 years ago while I was working in Kings Cross , I was sitting there between all the straight couples having a lovely little drinkie thinking ‘If only you knew what used to go on here ‘ .. i left just a little depressed thinking how bland London has become
  8. It was still going on there! Just in the basement!
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  9. I saw Colin Hay give an acoustic performance here in Toronto some years ago. It was only a few people gathered around him and his guitar. I found him so magnetic and attractive. I think the fact that he's so talented made him even more attractive.
  10. [​IMG]

    Her mid to late 80's work, is especially strong. Bop after bop people.
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  11. ...on the freeway of love!
  12. They still got it!


    Been listening to this all morning:

    They had bops!
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  13. Flawless compilation.
  14. Of course. It's the only way after all.
  15. Someone ought to have done a mash-up of Pink Cadillac and Freeway of Love.
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  16. I've spent the last couple of days working my way through Yello's back catalogue.

    Give my love of all things synthpop/electronic, I can't believe I haven't deep dived into their stuff before. I'd only ever heard The Race and Oh Yeah, which I only realised was Yello yesterday

    Absolutely loving everything so far, but this has to be an early favourite

  17. With a bit of who's zooming who thrown in!
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  18. You gotta say yes to another excess from 1983 is my fave album
    I love you
    Lost again
    Were great singles
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  19. Both of those songs are right up my street, I could kick myself at times for not listening sooner but better late than never

    I think next up is going to be Art of Noise and The Sparks and any recommendations for similar artists to all of these would be appreciated
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  20. I can recommend this Sparks album, where they re-recorded various tracks with different guests:

    Also, try Telex - there's a new compilation coming, but very little on Spotify just now.
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