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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Some of the unreleased second album tracks are on YouTube and equally good.

    This one especially

  2. Having a sad girl Wednesday to Judy's Alone. Because I'm THAT gay.
    How stunning is this cover?
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  3. It almost doesn't look real, but it's stunning.
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  4. [​IMG]

    So we meet again after many moons. I must revisit Miss Hills solo masterpiece next.
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  5. Britney Spears Baby One More Time.

    I haven't had this album on in full for ages and what a treat! Late 90s teen pop joy! Love her slightly more husky and filler vocal and the original version of Crazy, is always a nice surprise each time.
  6. [​IMG]
    ...thanks to a track featuring in the latest OPS, although I had to go and re-purchase it for 2.99 in HMV as I couldn't find my original anywhere. Still, it comes in a jewelcase now so silver linings and all that!


    ...thanks to all the discussion about The Cure's catalogue over in the Reissue thread by @anfunny2003 , @ModeRed et al. This was originally my first Cure purchase on CD in May 1987...I bypassed the vinyl and cassette and went straight for the newer format even though the early pressings had Hey You omitted due to space. A few years back I upgraded to the 2010 remaster. As such, I've only just heard Hey You for the first time where it belongs on this album! Head On The Door is more concise, and has the two perfect singles, but I have always loved the expansive, indlugent, all-over-the-place inspired mess that this double album represents. I think this was Robert Smith at his peak.
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  7. I still don't have the full version on CD... vinyl, cassette (originally) and a Hey You-less version as you mentioned.

    It really is a fine album. The Cure at, or very near their peak. To start with the venom fuelled The Kiss, have joyous tracks such as Just Like Heaven, maudlin 'That's the sound of the Cure' greats like A Thousand Hours... all the Cure chat has also had me listening to this again too, I do love it when prompted to dig out the old faves.
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  8. And whilst I'm here, this '95 classic is getting some spring time airplay...

    Wasn't such a fan when it was first released as I was still mourning Slowdive's demise, but now it's rather special.
  9. Not sure I've ever heard Mojave 3...maybe a track here or there.
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  10. Think 'indie shoegaze meets acoustic country'. Well sort of. Very chilled...
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  11. Intruiging! Will have a nose around....
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  12. Come On Over! (1999) Revised international version!

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  13. Okay so I've played a few tracks on YouTube and I really like this!
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  14. Top choice!
  15. Pleased to hear it!
  16. I actually bought the original 1997 Canadian version the other day. I have the revised international version, plus another edition, Special Asia Edition, with a bonus CD. Too many versions of this album. Time for a deluxe box set.
  17. Dangerous by the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.
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  18. And I bought Musicmagpie's last copy as well, 4.99 all in. There were a couple of other copies for similar prices, but the dodgy feedback for those sellers put me off.
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  19. Yes, I bought an original (US) copy of it myself only late last year, after having the International reissue since 1999. It was a bit dog-eared, and has glitches at the very end of a couple of tracks, but I edited them out as a lot of the songs segue into each other anyway and that drives me nuts.
  20. One Touch by the Sugababes is giving me life today. It's just such a special record, that doesn't sound like it's turning 18 soon.
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