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Older albums you're loving today.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Very true. I think that's why her version of The Power of Love hasn't aged well for me. Too screechy, and I think Jennifer's more restrained version works better and remains my favourite.
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  2. White Heat by Dusty Springfield which I had never listened to before. Not sure why I chose it but according to Facebook it would have been her birthday today; what a coincidence. A great choice!
  3. If you're a fan of Laura Branigan's early 80s stuff, I highly recommend Melissa Manchester's material from the same time. When veteran MOR artists released synthpop material, the results were often surprisingly excellent. The albums Mathematics and Emergency are particularly good.

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  4. The video isn't showing but I'm assuming it's Energy?

    Amazing song! I waited years for Mathematics to be released on CD just to own it.
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  5. Had never heard either of these before and I am bopping
  6. If you like those, get a load of this

    Barbra goes pop! Massively underrated track from 1984 with the Pointer Sisters on backing vocals.
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  7. It was the song "No One Can Love You More Than Me" from Emergency. Mathematics is also an amazing album, and she looks stunning on both covers! I recently got the two-disc "MCA Years" reissue.
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  8. I love dancey-poppy Melissa/Blossom's Mom! I love her theme from Thief of Hearts. And You Should Hear How She Talks About You. Funny that she hated that song at first and then it became a pop smash and won her a Grammy.
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  9. I’m loving Older at the moment.
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  10. An obvious one. I found myself humming a Belinda tube out of the blue. Itch, hence, must be scratched. What a gloriously European album. And the throw everything at the wall mad genius level remix of (We Want) The Same Thing. A true pleasure, if slightly guilty.
  11. Nothing guilty about that! One of the best singles runs of all time.

    I've been listening to these Belinda bops a lot lately

  12. [​IMG]
    In advance of its 13th birthday, and a 4-disc Super deluxe that I'm putting together.
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  13. I’m here for this!
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  14. Been putting the tracklisting together (in iTunes), but need to dig out all the actual CD-singles, maxis and promos I've got for the ultimate sound quality.

    It really is such a perfect pop album. I actually prefer the 2nd half these days, rather than all the singles.
  15. Hands is so unbelievably good. The bonus tracks too (Not Now is a career high, Catch 22 and Magical are top notch).

    I even love all the unreleased tracks she included on the deluxe edition, I just wish she had included Little Black Dress.

    The title track remains the worst thing she's ever released of course.
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  16. Agree 100% with this.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Ahhh forgot how good this was.
  18. Will have to see what I have once you’ve pulled list together. At the time I went on a bit of a collectors binge trying to pick up all the sources of extra tracks n mixes. Still wish we’d gotten full release of that ‘lost’ album
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  19. Not Now is by far the quality zenith of a career full of them. What. A. Song.
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  20. Once again, am enjoying the amazing early 90s pop delights of this:

    Such an underrated record and one that sounds PERFECT on a nice sunny day too.
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