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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. YAS! Thanks for the tag. Generous is a BOP. Lemme laminate my stan card.
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  2. Love it. The song and video are very Selena Gomez, but this girl has so much potential!

    I'm a fan!!
  3. Very Bad Liar, I like it.
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  4. Like the song, but the autotuned vocals sound even cheaper than on "Had me at hello".
  5. She was also part of a R3HAB and THRDL!FE track last month:

    16 Steps is really good - not amazing but I'll definitely use it. Overall, I really like her voice - she has a really pleasant tone. I get major Selena/Bridgit hybrid vibes from her vocals sometimes, which isn't a bad thing seeing as they're my two favourite former-Disney girls.
  6. I didn't know she had these new songs...

    How is it going to her TV show Cloak & Dagger? Is anybody watching it?
  7. It's been renewed for Season 2. It's alright - not the best, not the worst, in terms of Marvel TV shows.
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  8. New single Bad Girlfriend is out September 27th:

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  9. I didn't know she had released these new songs... I'm always late when I do love Olivia!
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