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Olivia Newton John (1948-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Nothing as yet. The next project due for release is the duets album in the Spring of 2022.

    Though it was supposed to come out this Spring!

    Apparently it includes a newly recorded duet with Dolly Parton.
  2. Think may well give the duets album a miss, never really my thing.
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  3. Soul Kiss and Totally Hot are really the only two I'm hoping for. Any other releases will depend on my spending at that time.
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  4. Yes, these will be the ones I'll be bagging as well. Soul Kiss, is an especially an great gem. Lots of decent songs on it.
  5. I only know the title track, but I feel like it may end up being my go to Olivia album.
  6. I'm no Olivia expert, but think you will very much enjoy it. Certainly her most pop sounding release I say.
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  7. Soul Kiss is worth it for this absolute bop alone

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  8. YES! Top tune! Hope a Soul Kiss re issue includes the video album release for it also:
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  9. I watched the video album tonight. A couple of things struck me…

    There were sound effects on the videos set in the night club (clapping) and on Recovery (wind). I don’t remember them like that, either on the TV broadcast or the Video Gold compilation?

    Secondly, Falling appears to use the standard album version and not the video mix that’s on the second disc of the audio. I’m sure the version that’s on Video Gold uses the video mix?

    I turned the sound on the TV down low in order to hear the loud noise at the end for myself. Thankfully it didn’t go on too long!

    All in all, the videos still stand up well considering they’re now 40 years old. The drunk character in Silvery Rain always amused me, and still does. And the groundbreaking scene at the end of Physical. OK, so most TV broadcasts will have cut it off (though not the Let’s Get Physical TV special, which I’m pretty sure showed it in full), but hats off to them for doing that.
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  10. In my lifetime, on the topic of Soul Kiss, a remaster of Electric would be nice (and if I may be greedy also her cover of You Made Me Love You).

    Neither of which will happen!
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  11. Still can't get over that noise at the end!
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  12. Not a fan of the song but I had the same reaction Olivia did with the one woman daydreaming about getting gangbanged by the football team in front of her neglectful husband. Not Olivia bringing cuckholding to the mainstream!
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  13. Love these!

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  14. I already stan! Can't beat a megamix!!
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  15. It’s a shame these weren’t on the Physical deluxe edition. Would have been good promotion.

    And it would ease people who aren’t particularly into her work into less commercial songs like The Promise too…
  16. It's very well done. 7 minutes flew by!
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  17. A few more of Olivia’s albums have become available on Spotify. Totally Hot, Soul Kiss, Don’t Stop Believin’ & Clearly Love, mainly. This is in the U.K. BTW.
  18. Hurrah!! They are indeed, finally as well! Ridiculous not to have a digital/streaming presence in this day and age!
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  19. Primary Wave work slow! It’s still missing her first 4 albums and The Rumour, but it’s a good start.
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  20. And the sound quality seems good too, a nice remaster on Soul Kiss I notice.
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