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Olivia Newton John (1948-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Oops, oh yeah!
  2. We were just saying that. Primary Wave should have got a new comp in place long before now. Gold was a US release. I don’t even know if it’s still in print.
  3. Don't think it is either, bought it back at the end of 2019-the day before Oliva was made a Dame as it happens!
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  4. It’s the best all round comp she ever had. The addition of Fool Country makes it collectible too. It’s the only time that song has appeared on CD.
  5. I love that Gold includes Fool Country, it's such a bop. I never understood why it wasn't on the Xanadu soundtrack in the first place so it's great to have it on there.
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  6. No, Amazon lists it but none available, and Discogs doesn’t have any either.

    I got mine when I was in Hong Kong in 2007. I’d never seen it before and many of the songs on it I hadn’t got elsewhere at the time.

    Confusingly, there is another Olivia Newton-John Gold CD which uses the same artwork as the Gold DVD release, but it only has a few actual hits on. Seven others are live recordings.
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  7. Olivia's compilation from 1992 is also great: Back to Basics - The Essential Collection 1971-1992. I absolutely adore Not Gonna Be the One, that might be my all-time favourite Olivia song actually.

    The artwork is beautiful:

  8. I seem to recall Back To Basics had different track listings for different countries. Think the Australian one had 21 songs whereas the US edition had 17.
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  9. I bought mine from Amazon in 2005 on a whim. I’m glad I did now, as I’m not sure there’ll be another comp to match it released.
  10. It’s not like there wasn’t room for it!

    The Xanadu rights are a mess. Olivia’s songs from the album are still greyed out on Spotify
  11. That was why I was very glad to stumble across my Xanadu soundtrack CD last week.

    I always feel this is very underrated

  12. Yes, the North American edition was very barebones, in my opinion. No Suddenly, no Make a Move on Me, no Heart Attack. Maybe one could make the case that they are not essential but I certainly missed them.
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  13. Yet it included Sam which was a much smaller US hit than the songs you mentioned.
  14. Great song. Perhaps a little too complicated for a single?

    I can’t understand why they used those 3 women to mime to Olivia’s vocals in the movie!

    The ‘3 Olivia’s’ TV performance that aired a bit later on was much more effective
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  15. Think that final scene in Xanadu is perhaps her best look and most beautiful for me:
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  16. Olivia’s London flat she owned in 1973:


    It seems to be forgotten that, by the time she moved to the US in 1975, she’d spent more time in the UK than in Australia. Granted, they were important years in Australia, age about 6 to 18, but I read this week that she remained a British citizen until 1981. This meant that she didn’t have to worry about visas during her 1960s/70s residence, as she had every right to live there.
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  17. I've just framed my new copy of the Physical 40th anniversary vinyl to add to the pop wall in my flat with my boyfriend and also have put up the gorgeous poster that comes with it too. What an ICONIC era and look.
  18. True, it only reached #20 in the US but for some reason, Sam has always seemed like a bigger hit than it was. I guess over time it became more beloved.
  19. No real surprise but apparently the If Not For You deluxe uses the US version of the artwork. It was issued in various, though similar, artwork around the world, with different fonts used. The UK issue cropped the cover photo and released it simply as “Olivia Newton-John”.
  20. This is the deluxe edition’s artwork.


    I have to say I prefer this to the cropped U.K. version.
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