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Olivia Newton John (1948-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. This is the only version that’s been on CD.

    Haven’t heard the remix above before!
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  2. Everybody had better hang on to their TOAK CD then, as it might be the only one we’ll ever see!
  3. I've searched for years but never found it on CD. I have it on cassette. The CD remains ever elusive.
  4. That's correct. The remix was used for the 7" single release, which is why it appears on the end of the first disc of the 'Physical' deluxe edition under the category of 'Bonus Tracks - Singles'. On the Australian 7" it is listed as 'Re-mixed Version' with the caveat that it was 'adapted' from the soundtrack, whereas this doesn't appear anywhere on the US release. It was definitely based on the 12" so it has a beefier sound than the original version, as well as the alternate vocals that come in after the instrumental break around the 2.45 mark. Nice to finally have both versions available as originally created rather than the one we've had to make do with on the 1998 MCA and Festival soundtrack CDs for over twenty years!

  5. Yes. So were the clips on TikTok!

    I’m hoping this footage isn’t sourced from the actual DVD!

    I wish they had given us a Blu Ray with this release… Not just for the improved quality, but they’d have been able to add the Two Of A Kind/Heart Attack/Tied Up videos then..
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  6. I’ve known people who’ve been lucky enough to get it reasonably cheap. Do a saved search on eBay or something. One might turn up.
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  7. Not aware of hardly any of these mixes, to this re issue will provide a great chance to finally check these out. Livin' In Desperate Times, is also one of my personal favourites, so glad to have mixes for that especially.
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  8. It seems to be much less rare than it used to be. There are a couple on eBay now (both stated as “brand new”) and one on Amazon (which I’m assuming is new). The eBay ones are from UK sellers though, and I think the Amazon one is too.

  9. Like this fan made trailer.
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  10. Yes, those are all clips from the video album.
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  11. Looking forward to seeing the whole video album must admit.
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  12. The two 12" mixes for the 'Two Of A Kind' singles along with the Shep Pettibone take on 'The Rumour' and Tommy Musto's 'I Need Love' club mix are definitely the highlights of Olivia's small remix catalogue. I know we are getting some alternate mixes too, but those are the ones I'm most excited are being exhumed from the vaults and tidied up!

  13. The video album is how I plan to have my first listen of the album. It just seems to be the way that makes the most sense.
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  14. I keep keeping an eye out for the UK pre order link to come up at last!
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  15. Me too! This set looks fantastic. I was only 10 years old when this came out and after my mum bought me the LP I played it on loop.

    My only grip is no picture disc. I am sick of multiple coloured vinyl releases with exactly the same tracks. Both Tears For Fears (reissues) and ABBA (new album) have released picture discs and I wish more artists would do the same. Do away with cassettes and bring back the picture disc.

    Two of last year’s releases I would kill to own on picture disc. Jimmy Somerville’s Home Again and Kylie’s disco covers would look stunning as picture discs.
  16. That artwork is too amazing not to have an vinyl re issue for it!
  17. I had no idea! I bought it for next to nothing in the late 90s/early 00s. How I desperately want to find a place to live in which I can have all of my CDs out of storage again...
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  18. You and me both!
  19. @Tommy Johnson, @Guyhawke! (or anyone else), just wondered if you knew why there were two versions of the Silvery Rain video? The first has Olivia in a plastic bubble during the first chorus, while the second shows her with a gun. If memory serves me correctly, the TV special version is the gun one, with the bubble version on the actual video album (and Video Gold). Was the gun one controversial or something? The rest of the video is mostly the same apart from short clip of each version in the instrumental break.


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  20. I always thought the alternative version was put together because the Olivia is a big polythene bag might not have been a great idea to show on TV in the early evening.

    Could be wrong though. As far as I know no one has ever given a valid reason.
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