Olivia Newton-John. Physical-The Album. It's 36 years old. Let's give it some love!

I just got Physical on vinyl, ha.
Nice looking LP. The US got a free poster with it, but as usual we got shafted over here.

Have you listened to the Soul Kiss album? It's the closest thing to Physical in her catalogue. And it's not that close! The title track is supposedly about oral sex though I suspect no one told Olivia that when she recorded it!
It was a good looking LP. Loved that gatefold sleeve. The only downside being the lyrics weren't included. That really used to annoy me. Strangely enough, on the CD version they were. Alongside a couple of extra photos!

I love the artwork for 'Soul Kiss' too. The black and white exterior with the red font opening up to that incredible photo of Olivia completely swathed in red. The album might have been the first step away from her peak commercial success, but the art design was on point! I loved the more editorial look for her too. Of course the photos look nothing like Olivia, but they are compelling.

It is a stellar album cover. The way the gatefold opened up to reveal the full photo was wonderful. I also liked the way that was repeated (or at the very least referenced) on her 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' album sleeve the following year. That one is not my favourite photo of Olivia as I've never thought it looked much like her, but the art design is brilliant. From the mid-seventies onwards she had excellent art design - George Osaki did an incredible job.

That article was such an interesting and informative read. Really does show how Olivia was one of the leading ladies of music of the 70's and early 80's and just how pioneering the Physical project really was. The article also mentioned Barbra, Diana and Donna, and out of all 4, I think it's Olivia who gets the least praise and respect which is a shame.