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Olivia Newton John Revisited

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Wouldn't we all want to be!

    (Oops, wrong website to talk about things like that!)
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  2. I think that look was rocked on the superb Toughen Up single sleeves too!
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  3. The hideous clothes! She wasn't noticeably pregnant when she shot the videos but the clothes make it look like she was huge.

    Bad, bad hair. Much like Dame Sheena's 'new wave' wonky bob for the Do You era. One imagines Miss Sheena bellowing, "Get me Madonna's producer for my new fucking album!", from her tartan throne.
  4. I think she looks great!

    But then my epitome of style and glamour is Taylor Dayne circa 1988 so what do I know.
  5. And even then she hated the final results!
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  6. Madam Dayne was terrifying at her height. Olivia tried her best to look sexy and menacing though it was never convincing. I think all those years with Cliff broke her spirit.

    You should give Soul Kiss another go. It's quite synthy and screechy. Both of which I know you love!
  7. She hated the back cover for sure. I think she liked the rest of the photos.
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  8. I don't know what you mean!


    She was a natural beauty!

    I will give Soul Kiss another go, synths and screeching is one of my favourite musical genres.
  9. I think Olivia's mid 80s weave, is a knockout compared to that awful Lady Di look!
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  10. (Prefer her with straighted hair! Of course you cry!)
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  11. She's very draggy looking. She should have had a much bigger career. I'm still waiting for the follow up to Can't Fight Fate.
  12. The bottom picture looks like she's sewn all Tina Turner's old wigs together.
  13. I love that Taylor Dayne sported every 80s hairstyle on her head at once.

    Her third album Soul Dancing is best avoided, one big mid tempo MOR snoozefest. I blame Clive Davis!
  14. All of Tina's rejected wigs too!
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  15. I've always pretended that didn't exist and that Ms Dayne vanished to a desert island forever after receiving her platinum discs for Can't Fight Fate.
  16. I think she would too!
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  17. This is the EPK for the Soul Kiss album. Filmed in 1985, it remains the only bit of promo Olivia did for the LP! In it she discusses the artwork and the recording of the album and even does a track-by-track of all the songs. The sound isn't great, but it's an interesting piece.

    Edit. I didn't realise the guy who wrote Soul Kiss also penned Automatic for the Pointer Sisters... Automatic is better!
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  18. Shall check this out!
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  19. I have to say, I am rather amazed by my love for Emotional Tangle! I don't really do pop ballads, but this is just too beautiful not to love.
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  20. Now you just got to find some love in your heart for The Right Moment!
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