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Olivia Newton John Revisited

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Thought I'd post this B-side from the Soul Kiss sessions. It wasn't on the main LP back then, but has found it's way onto various CD editions. They should have put it on the album properly. It's a good track.

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  3. A very good track it is too.
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  4. Saw this and thought of you Tommy! Though, suspect you may already have it!
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  5. I haven’t. There are a few ‘privately printed’ ONJ books that are deeply shit quality. This is alleged to be one of them. It’s not like I won’t know everything in it either!
  6. He he fair enough! I saw a Janet one, and the 'homemade' feel of the typeface put me off too!
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  7. ]
    Is this improved, or is it still dogshit?

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  8. ANOTHER killer ONJ weave! And if you mean what does the Janet one look like, than here it is:
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  9. I meant the The Right Moment was remixed here. Was it any better?

    Try this one from her Hotel Sessions album. Maybe you’ll know the song.

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  10. Oh I see! Yes, it was a bit more better-I shall never get into that song though am afraid!
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  11. It’s beyond salvation.
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  12. On a plus, I still absolutely adore Soul Kiss, and rank it as one of my favourite albums now!
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  13. I have this but haven´t had the change to read it yet. Looked like a fun thing to own.
  14. Let me know if it’s any good when you do have a look at it.
  15. I do enjoy music discography books, The Complete Kylie book from 2008, was very well done.
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  16. Here's an Oz singles chart history someone I know obtained today, though only covering the ARIA chart era (mid-1988 onwards). The no. in the NAT column is the national peak, followed by the individual state charts.

  17. Even though I have the singles in various album releases, I picked the Xanadu soundtrack on vinyl at an area record shop recently.

    Also- my Olivia articles trilogy from earlier this year was recently added to Olivia's website, so that's pretty sweet. :-)
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  18. Brilliant 12 mix of one of my ONJ favourites!
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  19. Quite a few extra vocals from Olivia there.
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  20. Yes, I thought there was too. Brilliant mix!
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