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Olivia Newton John Revisited

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I just re watched Grease for the first time in like forever.

    Olivia still shines like a star in that role and everything about her as Sandy reminds me of my fave Spice Girl Emma from voice to look to personality.


    My fave song was and remains Beauty School Drop Out though.
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  2. Olivia was so beautiful in Grease! No denying that at all.
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  3. This was Olivia at a UK press conference in May 1977. She was here to promote her latest record (Sam), but announced here that she’d be shooting Grease when she went back to the States.


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  4. If only she knew of the phenomenon to come...
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  5. I can't believe Grease will be 40 years old next year! It's crazy. It still holds up all these years later.
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  6. The Grease singles have never been my favorites, the horror I know!BUT, Hopelessly Devoted To You is an absolute pleasure. Her vocal is so soft and strong on it.
  7. I have to agree. For me i think it is that they are so intrinsically linked to the musical, they sort of feel separate to the rest of her discography for me.

    It has been the longest time since i have seen the movie, I would like to rewatch sometime soon, it was always a childhood favourite.
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  8. Yes, it's one of those movies I don't really watch often either. Still, gave Olivia two of the UK's biggest ever selling singles.
  9. The news of Olivia's ex-husband is absolutely crazy.
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  10. What news? Have they found him?
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  11. Yes, in Mexico where he was apparently hiding/having faked his own death to avoid paying $8k in alimony or child support. You couldn't make this up!
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  12. In fairness, they’ve been saying they’ve “found him” in Mexico for years! This is the umpteenth report I’ve seen yet it never seems to be properly confirmed. Surely if he had been found he’d be instantly arrested?
  13. This is Olivia’s worst fear..Bad publicity! Patrick wasn’t even one of her better boyfriends so it must be a real pain in the rear for her.
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  14. He's been found by gossip mags for the lols, not by police I think.
  15. It’s looking that way. They seem to dredge this ‘story’ up every so often.
  16. Did Olivia have any rivals? Like who was the Britney to her Christina? The Cyndi to her Madonna etc.
  17. Not in the same way. She was up against people like Streisand, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and Linda Ronstadt. I think they all had times when they were dominant, but I don’t think they were rivals exactly.
  18. I bet! Poor Olivia.
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  19. Yeah can't see any one of them being behind this.
    I'm joking
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  20. 2017 remix of Xanadu?

    Don't mind if I do!
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