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Olivia Newton John (RIP 1948-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Oh, I didn’t know they’d remastered them.
  2. Yes, it seems to be anyway.
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  3. So they've er...whipped.. it into shape for the 21st century.
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  4. It's nice to have them remastered if they have done that, the sound quality of when Soul Kiss was briefly on digital/streaming, was so tinny in comparison.
  5. It’s a pity they didn’t add Electric though as that’s one of the best songs!

    The 2010 Japanese SHM-CD is nicely remastered, looks fantastic and has 2 bonus tracks in the Soul Kiss 12” mix and the aforementioned Electric. If only it were easy (and cheap) to come by.
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  6. Yes, I missed Electric, that was always one of my favourites.
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  7. A new studio remix of Olivia's live duet of 'Valentine' with Jim Brickman from 2000.

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  8. Thank you! I came here to ask about this, as I noticed them just now and was wondering how late I was, or maybe imagining things, lol.

    We too now have the ones you mentioned as examples plus Have You Never Been Mellow (which I think was available before), Come On Over, Stronger Than Before (still no Back With A Heart) and TWO versions of Making Good A Thing Better, which both seem identical to me except for the cover arts having slightly different cuts of the photo. Wonder what that’s all about? The one with the original, less close-up cover is by Primary Wave and the other one by MCA/Universal, so I guess we already had the MCA one and now Primary Wave has added another? Well, thank you!

    292DCDCE-9BCC-43A9-BF4B-E12AEC8B5419.jpeg DAF34AE4-754A-43C6-B2E7-B067C7B6E1DA.jpeg
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  9. 2 MAGTB are better than one!

    I was told that everything aside from Physical and Gaia on Spotify isn’t a new remaster, BTW. They’ve just gone with whatever version was used before. Possibly the Aussie 1998 ones for the 70s and 80s albums.

    Don’t know if you’re interested in Gaia, but that was reissued and remastered in January. Fans complained that there was no bonus material on the new CD, and they are apparently planning a deluxe version which could take a couple of years yet. So I’d hold on for that if you’re a fan of the album.
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  10. Very conufsing! They even used the second version, for the (excellent) cover of the (equally excellent) 2 disc GOLD set from 2005:
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  11. Making A Good Thing Better is a sweet little album. I stumbled on it going cheap somewhere in the late 1980s and bought it, even though (apart from Don’t Cry For Me Argentina), I didn’t know any of the songs (not even Ring of Fire). Remains one of my favourites of hers (though that maybe because I’ve known it for so long).

    It was on EMI’s “Fame” re-issue label that released old EMI albums at a budget price. The first Kate Bush album I got was Lionheart, also on the label, as it was more affordable than the others!
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  12. Some of Olivia's softest, most beautiful songs are on that album. 'Slow Dancing', 'Coolin' Down', 'So Easy To Begin', 'If Love Is Real'... all stunning. The moments where she harmonises with herself on this album are just heavenly.

    'Sad Songs' is a fun bop too, as is the sort of gospel-lite feel of the title track.

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  13. It's not a favourite album of mine, but yes, some of those songs you have mentioned are especially lovely. I like Slow Dancing the best.
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  14. Slow Dancing should have been the lead single. However, I think someone else had a hit with the song in the US around the same time as the MAGTB album came out.
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  15. Was that Andy Gibb, or am I thinking of Shadow Dancing??
  16. According to Wikipedia…

    The song became much better known as "Swayin' to the Music (Slow Dancin')" in a 1977 cover version by Johnny Rivers which became a top ten US hit. It was Rivers' last Top 40 hit in the United States, and became his second Gold record.

    The original was by Funky Kings, who had a minor US hit with it in 1976.
  17. It was the Johnny Rivers one I was thinking of.
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  18. You are thinking of Shadow Dancing. Though that’s a great song too!
  19. Thought I was as soon as I said it!!
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