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Olivia Newton John (RIP 1948-2022)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Here's a sweet animated video for 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder', in the style of those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

    The end of the video cleverly reveals the title of Olivia's new album, which is 'Just The Two Of Us: The Duets Collection'.


  2. Utterly beautiful in every way.
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  3. Every time this thread pops up I think maybe her full back catalogue has been uploaded to streaming…alas not yet.
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  4. There’s supposed to be a duets album looming, but even that’s gone quiet.
  5. Indeed, alas not. Hopefully it will still happen though.
  6. [​IMG]Looks like the Physical deluxe edition is on!

    For some reason it won’t let me link it properly, but the deluxe is up on Amazon.com. Not on the U.K. site yet.

    Editorial Reviews
    Let's get Physical! Olivia Newton-John releases a Deluxe Edition 2 CD/DVD of her hit record Physical in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its original release in October 1981. The iconic pop star's DVD includes 2 video collections - the Physical video album (first of its kind) showcasing music videos for each of the album's timeless tracks including "Physical" and "Landslide," and a full live concert which features exclusive heart-pumping footage of the star performing her hits.

    Its out on 22nd October.
  7. Oh my! Can't wait for the tracklist to be announced!

    There weren't many remixes and b-sides released for this album, were there? So I can't imagine what they'll be filling the second CD with! Really hope there's lots of unreleased material!
  8. I wonder if her links from the Let’s Get Physical broadcast will be included in the DVD? The actual video album didn’t include these (though did feature Falling and Love Make Me Strong, that weren’t in the TV broadcast). I think I’d want the TV programme but with those two songs somehow added in.
  9. The visual album getting released is the most exciting part but still hope for the 12” versions and even the tracks from ONJGHV2.

    EDIT: from the reissue thread
    It’s basically what you quoted @Tommy Johnson but adds “rare un-released remixes and rare tracks”. Looks like it’s gonna be a great set!
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  10. That’s great news. I hope by the rare tracks they don’t just mean Tied Up and Heart Attack!…

    The dimensions on Amazon (surely not set in stone), suggest it might have hard back book style packaging too.

    Hope they hurry up and give us an official tracklist. From what I recall, there were hardly any extended mixes released at the time, so it will be interesting to see what’s on the CDs.
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  11. This is what Vinny Vero says:


    This shall be amazing!
  12. Oh my. I want. Need. At last!
  13. Great to see Dame Olivia's back catalogue finally getting the treatment and respect it deserves. Can't wait to see the video album and concert!
  14. They were both actually really good back then. The video album was ahead of its time. It might look somewhat dated in 2021 though! I’m glad it’s getting a DVD release. The concert was excellent.
  15. Hope the UK link comes up soon!
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  16. I've never seen either and in fact the only Olivia studio album I own is Soul Kiss so it will be great to get more familiar with her back catalogue. I hope Twist of Fate and Livin' In Desperate Times get their moment to shine!
  17. Soul Kiss is a must too, great album.
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  18. It is very underrated, that's for sure!
  19. I'd say so, Toughen Up, especially so.
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  20. According to Vinny Vero, it’s a worldwide release.
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