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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Olivia's "pop" run of singles from 1978 following Grease well into the mid 80s, was a great run I think.
  2. Was she on Breakfast Time as well? I remember her on The Late Late Breakfast Show (a rehearsed interview where Noel threatens to take his clothes off, but actually revealing a tuxedo underneath!). Haven’t seen it for decades but I’m sure it’s on YouTube.

    I was nearly moved to tears listening to The Promise today… ridiculous really, when this is a song I’ve known for over 38 years, but as we’re surrounded by climate change issues and also how we’ve mistreated nearly every animal on the planet, it seems more poignant now than ever.

    Similar with Silvery Rain (though Olivia’s was a cover version). There’s ABBA recently singing about the plight of bumble bees today, and Olivia was doing it 40 years ago!

    Edit: just watched it. It was the other way round… Noel was in a tux but then changed to casual. Hilarious…

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  3. She wasn’t live on Breakfast Time. It was a filmed 4 minute segment on the set of the LIDT video. Frank Bough introduced it on the show.
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  4. This was the clip.

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  5. Heard the rest of the deluxe now. The second disc sounds better than the first in places. I’m loving all the different mixes of (Livin’ In) Desperate Times. The different ways she sings the lines towards the end really add something to it, not to mention the additional line, “open up your eyes and watch me run”.
  6. I think this might be the only time she recorded alternate vocal lines for a song. In her whole career!
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  7. I loved hearing the additional line. The (Livin' In) Desperate times mixes are great. Still a bop.
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  8. (Livin’ In) Desperate Times, is even more a favourite of mine after this re issue with all the various mixes.
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  9. Ok, so finally got round to watching the Physical DVD (my boyfriend insisting to watch it together and rightfully so!), and here's my thoughts.

    First up, content. The Video album itself, is a solid watch and nice to see the album come to life via visual form with a few prior ONJ classics thrown in for good measure. The promos reek very much of their time and scream early 80s, perhaps with the exception of Strangers Touch with it's 40s Film Noir subplot going on. That video was actually probably my favourite of the lot aside the iconic promo for the title track of course. Olivia also rolling around in a rug for Recovery, was also game for a laugh too! I didn't think the visual quality was bad for a 40 year old release, and the sound was good too. BUT, that NOISE!!!! Oh my. Lesson learned not to be so curious next time there and cut as soon as the credits end methinks.

    Next up, Olivia In Concert. An very enjoyable romp through classic ONJ mixed in with her then newest material. Loved her rocking her Physical workout gear and leading her band into aerobics especially! Also, the video montage of her career before the show itself, was nice-shows how massive she really was at that point in time. Visual quality here was a bit meh at times (long shots especially), but it is what it is and the sound was more than fine.

    So yes, most enjoyable!
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  10. That's no way to talk about Dame Olivia's vocals!

    Only joking, I was not prepared for that horrific screech at the end of the DVD. That aside, it was a very enjoyable set with ONJ at the peak of her 80s powers. I was very impressed with her cover of Jolene and her live vocals in general. Loved the setlist going through her hits plus the Grease and Xanadu sections. She really was a superstar.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it.
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  12. Her vocals were maybe too good..

    I always wondered if they’d been ‘fixed’ afterwards.. Olivia was a great live singer, but she never missed a note in this particular show. I’m just an old cynic!
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  13. I did remark she sounded just like the record...
  14. That hair though. Oh, Olivia.
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  15. The way she was running (and skipping) around the stage, up and down stairs, etc, it seemed odd that she was note perfect.

    But she was at the peak of her powers here, so maybe she was that good…

    In true Olivia fashion, after this triumphant tour, she didn’t perform live again for 17 years!
  16. And not in the UK for even longer-35 years I believe.
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  17. I've heard bootlegs from the tour and she sounds just as good. Olivia has consistently been a strong live vocalist for her whole career. Even though her tone became a little raspier and she lost that crystalline quality as the years went on, she still knew how to deliver a vocal. Here's just a regular, fan cam capture of 'Sam' in Argentina the year before she stopped touring and it's excellent - the belts in the final chorus are everything!

  18. I keep thinking what singles they could have also released as singles from Physical. I think the best options left were A Strangers Touch, Love Made Me Strong and Recovery.
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  19. Are there any predictions on when the next deluxe might emerge, and which one it will be? If Vinny is working more or less by himself on this project, and has other work to do, could it be quite a while?
  20. I'm thinking perhaps it will Totally Hot, given that was her first "Pop" album and also quite well known too.
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