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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. So sad to see that she’s died. Love her voice and so many of her songs. She will never be forgotten.
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  2. Very very sad. I didn't even realize she was sick again. I'm glad she got to see her recent career resurgence though.

    Rest in peace, Dame Olivia. I'm glad you're out of pain.
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  3. She was sensational in every way. On a personal note, my Mum had a couple of stays at her cancer research clinic (it's enormous and attached to a major public hospital here in Melbourne) and it was by far the loveliest hospital/similar facility I have ever stepped foot in. More akin to a medical sanctuary. What a legacy.

  4. I literally gasped at the news of the passing of the legend that is ONJ.
    She was a positive force who will always be a pioneer in music and philanthropy.
    Sad time in Australian music with the passing of Olivia and Judith. Two women who helped lead the charge for Australian music to be shared to the world.
    Love and Light, RIP Legend.
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  5. Horrible news. What a stellar talent she was and and endless beacon of kindness and positivity even in the face of illness. She was obviously beloved by everyone she touched. I know we hadn't heard a whole lot about her health recently but I hope she was comfortable.
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  6. I thought of Pop Justice when I heard the news. What a magnificent collection of songs, a beautiful, crystal-clear voice, iconic hits.
  7. I was reflecting last night and remembered how at her book signing, while it was standard to be told no personal dedications and no photos, she did both for everyone there. I think she was underrated in the UK, I saw her perform in 2013, it was in Cardiff arena but they brought the seating forward as it hadn't sold well, she put on a great show, even sang Long Live Love!
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  8. This is very sad news indeed. I shall be giving my vinyl copy of Physical a spin today.
  9. Olivia seemed to be such a lovely person, so much love for her via these tributes.
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  10. One of the songs from Grease was number one the day I was born, which just makes me more sad she's gone.
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  11. I'm just thankful that her musical legacy can be explored digitally and via streaming, now more than ever following her untimely passing. To think even as recent as 18 months ago, there was hardly any of her back catalogue on it which was just wrong. This and the Physical re issue, were most welcome.
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  12. Absolutely devastated. ONJ was such an inspiration to me and her positive and fighting nature has made a such a difference to my life. You will be missed. Grace and Gratitude forever.
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  13. Going to listen to a lot of Olivia today. First up was the Making A Good Thing Better album. There’s a relaxed, summery feel to that album. I knew this was coming so there’s a sense of relief today that she’s no longer suffering.
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  14. This is what strikes me the most as someone unfamiliar with Olivia's work and reading up on her. For 1981 the Physical era seemed to set the modern blueprint for pop girls but I've never seen anyone talk about this. I notice the album didn't have a large string of singles which would later define the memorable "big eras" especially in the 80s so maybe that's why.
  15. Yes, it had only 3 singles with Make A Move On Me and Landslide being the 2nd and 3rd releases and having alternate success depending on the country. Both great songs and single choices. The Physical video album is the lasting legacy though and well worth a watch. Very much of it's time. But before music videos were really even a thing on the cusp of the MTV age.
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  16. I may be wrong but it seems most of her albums have appeared on Spotify UK since her death. They certainly weren't there a few months ago.

    Whatever the reason, I've spent the day discovering gems like The Rumour, Toughen Up and her cover of Jolene.
  17. I hope they put the remix EP for I Need Love on streaming, I'd say it's her most underrated song

  18. That's true, especially as it was also a visual album, right? That was quite the template.
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