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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Yup, this is the one I've been binge streaming since I've heard the sad news last night.
    The lyrics might seem a little cringe on paper but her sincere emotion running through them all show off a side to the words that I can completely agree and get on board with. Wonderful track sung by a wonderful being. RIP
    Love the Deep Dub Version too
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  2. Both Agnetha and Frida from ABBA have posted tributes to Olivia. They worked with Olivia on her American TV show in 1978 as part of an ABBA promotional campaign there. Frida especially remained friends with her. Olivia was even signed to ABBA’s Polar Music label in Scandinavia.

    Alongside a photo of ABBA and Newton-John on-stage together, Frida wrote: “What do you feel, what do you say when the nice, kindest and most loving woman leaves us to travel somewhere else.

    “The heart aches to know Olivia’s brave fight against an, in her case, invincible enemy. That she never gave up or complained about her situation, but instead told us her story so that we would understand and want to help others affected.”

    She added: “I am grateful to have known a person like you Olivia and you will always be in my heart.”

    Agnetha said that she was “so sad to hear of Olivia’s passing”, writing: “A fine person has left us – and there are many of us who mourn her now… My thoughts go out to the family, and her music and personality will always remain in memory.”
  3. She once described it as a grown up, responsible sequel to Physical!

    Penned by the same writers, of course.
  4. Frida’s tribute was lovely.
  5. Such nice tributes. I had no idea she had her own cancer hospital (they reported this on BBC News this morning) either and I thought I knew quite a lot about her being more than just a casual fan. What a legend.
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  6. I've been diving deep into Olivia on YouTube today. She just loved the stage and her fans, and it's such a delight to see her old performances.

    This performance? Olivia having an aerobics pass and not missing a single note? Her chemistry with the hot synth player, hell the entire band? The gays going absolutely WILD at 1:43? The sax solo? Olivia radiating with charisma and just having the time of her life?

  7. She was such a lovable person and a total cultural phenom. I love both her 1970s country pop era and her edgier synth stuff. This is my ultimate ON-J classic:

  8. I love the extended version of Livin' in Desperate Times, it's also very much the song for 2022 under a Tory government.
  9. The first of six ''Songs For Europe'' sung by ONJ on BBC One in 1974.

    The BBC recording of this particular performance has been wiped,but this domestic recording of that performance has been found on a video tape....

  10. SO underrated and a great slice of 80s Olivia. Think this is now a tie with my favourite Olivia song, the other being this anthem from 1978:

  11. That’s very similar to the blue dress she wore at Eurovision
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  12. Why is the Xanadu soundtrack blocked on Apple Music? So annoying.
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  13. "A Little More Love" is fabulous. The chorus has such a great Barry Gibb feel, with the keyboards and high pitched vocals.
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  14. Livin' in Desperate Times and A Little More Love are both such bops. I also love Totally Hot.
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  15. Some of the music channels are paying tribute to Olivia today....

    Magic TV at 11am & 2pm.
    MTV 80s at 1.45pm & 5.45pm.
    Now 70s at 10pm.
  16. rage in Australia are airing a tribute on Friday night, though it will be shared with one for Judith Durham. The playlist will be posted on Friday afternoon (or early evening).
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  17. The ONJ songs from Xanadu (other than Xanadu itself) have been blocked on streaming platforms for years. It must be a rights issue as Olivia signed a new publishing deal a couple of years ago that should see her albums reissued on CD and vinyl. This has already begun to happen with the Physical deluxe last year, the Gaia remaster in January and the upcoming 2 CD deluxe of her 1971 debut album, If Not For You.

    The vast majority of her albums are up on Spotify now. Xanadu is complicated with half the album being written by Jeff Lynne and the other being penned by Olivia’s long term writer and producer John Farrar. The LP was also on 2 different record labels when it was released as well. I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually. I think Xanadu is still available on CD though it’s due for an update.
  18. Ooh! What do we know about this?

    To be honest trying to make sense of most of her albums before Have You Never Been Mellow make my brain explode. The way they’ve released different editions around the world with revamped tracklists, different album titles, same cover pics used on different albums… Help! My OCD needs an Early Olivia Albums For Dummies handbook.
  19. There is this:

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  20. Olivia early years aren’t easy to follow! Her first LP in 1971 was called Olivia Newton-John here, but If Not For You in other countries. It includes her 2 top 10 hits of that year, INFY and Banks Of The Ohio. This album isn’t actually on streaming platforms at the moment. The 2 aforementioned singles are representative of the LP. Fans of her Physical/Totally Hot era may be nonplussed by If Not For You!
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