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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I always presumed all the songs from Xanadu were Jeff Lynne-penned. I was giving him too much credit! John Farrar is a genius: "Magic" is a 20 out of 10 song.
  2. Magic, is truly one of her best ever moments. Criminal how badly it did in the UK.
  3. Given how big a fan Kylie is, it would be a nice tribute if she sang her Magic mashed up with Dame Olivia's Magic on her next tour. I can imagine the two songs working well together.
  4. At the time Olivia was on MCA records in America. ELO were on CBS/Jet (Sony as it is now) everywhere. So the U.K. got the Jet version, whilst the US got MCA. This ‘sharing’ of labels was done all over the world. It’s buggered up the rights for years. At that time Olivia was a far bigger act in the States than ELO, so it was great for her to have the album released on her record label there.

    Farrar wrote 6 songs for the soundtrack. Fool Country is the one that doesn’t appear on the LP, but can be found on the Gold CD. Olivia also recorded a cover of You Made Me Love You that has never been released on CD as I write.
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  5. No thank you ":)"
  6. How did it work with her other albums? She was on MCA in the US and EMI elsewhere (though not everywhere).

    I’ve never understood how her first three albums, that were released on Pye, ended up with EMI once she’d signed with them at the time of Eurovision in 1974. Even into the 1990s, EMI were still releasing budget compilations of her early work that was originally on Pye, but nothing from later on, once her contract with EMI ended with the Two of a Kind soundtrack.

    Later UK compilations such as The Definitive Collection were on Universal (the successor to MCA) so did all her work worldwide revert to them? Obviously EMI had no real say in what she put out as that would have been up to MCA, and crucially Olivia always maintained ownership of her recordings (“Original sound recordings made by Olivia Newton-John” - not even her company, just her name!). Did EMI only have some rights to her work when she was with them? And similarly Pye lost them once she signed to EMI?
  7. God knows!

    All I know is Olivia apparently owned (still feels weird talking about her in past tense) all her music so maybe when she signed with Primary Wave in 2020, it undid a lot of the mess with multiple record labels?
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  8. I love the single version that has some alternate vocals at the end. I don’t think Olivia ever did this before or since!
  9. I remember hearing this and felt like I went back to 1983 and discovered the song again.
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  10. Such a sweet reminiscence from Mariah:

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  11. Same here. I didn’t hear the single version until last year!
  12. Lovely tribute from Mariah. I think she really did adore Olivia.
  13. Magic is a song that would suit Kylie so well-the Olivia version I mean. Always think that Kylie's own Magic was a bit of a tribute anyway!
  14. Both of the episodes of this 2017 series are available to listen now on BBC Sounds and are being repeated on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday 20th August from 2am.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, like these type of things.
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  16. rage on instagram:

    This Friday night rage will pay to tribute to two remarkable Australian icons who passed away this week, The Seekers' Judith Durham and Dame Olivia Newton-John.

    We'll be playing a couple of performances from The Seekers from 1967 at Expo 67 in Montreal, an interview with Judith Durham on GTK in 1970, plus videos from the Vault including the legendary Aussie anthem 'I Am Australian' featuring Mandawuy Yunupingu and Russell Hitchcock.

    Then, we'll be playing performances from Olivia Newton-John on Countdown in 1980, an interview with Olivia from GTK in 1977, and all the hits from our vault and some deeper cuts as well, plus a Grease megamix, and her collaborations with John Travolta, and Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees, and David Foster.

    Join us in celebrating the incredible lives and songs of Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John, tomorrow night from 11:30pm on @abctv

    [The TV guide has 12:21am Saturday as the start time, though...]
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  17. Love this old skool album adverts for Olivia's two big pop crossover albums:

    Hope we get an Totally Hot re issue at some point too.
  18. The next reissue is her debut album from 1971. This might not be up your street!
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  19. The upcoming reissue is just in the US isn't it? I was looking through my Olivia CDs the other night, the vast majority are imports.
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