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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Probably not! But nice to see her albums get re issue treatment all the same.
  2. I like that album, I listened to it the other day. Four of the song titles start with “If” - guessing that was just a coincidence. Several of the songs turned up on 1980s cheap EMI Olivia compilations so I was familiar with those. I bought the original vinyl from a charity shop once.

    “Love Song” has always been a favourite.

    Bonus tracks should be The Biggest Clown, It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye and Would You Follow Me. Any others from that period?
  3. I have taken my time to post anything as I was really saddened by her death. I know Olivia batted cancer for such a long time but I almost got to the way of thinking she was gonna be around forever…. What a joyous person, a ray of light on screen and in interviews. Her status as a legend will live on - some will remember her as Sandy in Grease, others for their sexual awakening via Physical or the pure joy of Xanadu. May she rest in peace after all of the good work she did for others and make our lives just that little bit brighter.
  4. No, it’s out everywhere. It’s not been officially announced yet. It was due to come out on 9/9, but due to recent events this might not happen now.

    It’s a 2 CD set with a 17 track bonus disc that features B-sides, alternate takes and 2 never heard songs that were discovered on a acetate a fan found. There’ll also be a new vinyl edition.
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  5. Think Olivia herself really was pure joy.
  6. The tracklist hasn’t been revealed yet. Apparently in the early days, Olivia recorded ‘spare’ songs that never turned up on her albums and singles. I’m hoping some of these turn up on the new release.

    Apparently the songs discovered on the fan’s acetate are Round & Round and Game Of Love. I’m wondering if the latter is a cover of the old Wayne Fontana hit…
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  7. Beyond my family, there is only one person who has walked beside me for my whole life. Olivia was, and remains, my hero.

    In the pantheon of pop there are few artists whose work crossed over so many genres and whose effortless sound masked such exceptional technique. She had an uncanny ability to communicate with an audience, whether it was through a camera lens or on the stage. Olivia's singing was a masterclass in expression and intimacy, every lyric delivered with care. The music she made stoked the imagination of a deeply introverted child and provided a safe space for me to discover the full spectrum of human experiences. When I think of what home means to me, it is her crystalline tone I hear.

    I first met Olivia in person when I was 14 years old. I didn't know how to properly convey my adolescent worship so something unsubstantial trickled out of my mouth and I walked off in a contented daze. That young boy would never have believed how many beautiful experiences were yet to come. I had another 20-something encounters, all denoted by Olivia's consistent warmth. Over the last decade, she recognised me by name and recalled details about me or where we had last seen each other. I slowly made up for the inadequacy of that first meeting, finding different ways to explain what she meant to me. I chose my words carefully, I wrote them down in letters and cards that she reciprocated, and just as I had celebrated the milestones in her life she, unbelievably, began marking ones in mine. I treasure these generous tokens, the likes of which I know she quietly offered up to many other fans.

    I last spoke to Olivia 10 months ago. She was excited about some of the new research her foundation was doing into cannabinoids and their interaction with cancer cells. We also discussed ordinary things like how she took her tea (with oat milk and a little honey) and whether she'd heard the new ABBA songs (yes, and she thought they were great). When I wished her a happy birthday, Olivia replied she was just grateful to make another one then with a laugh added 'particularly in this world, right?!' It was typical of her character to find levity in any situation. Just 4 weeks ago, an envelope arrived in my mailbox with a photograph from our last chat which Olivia had autographed and sent as a keepsake. Even leading up to her passing, she still found ways to care for the people who loved her. I hope she knew how much that care was being returned.

    She was the epitome of grace, humility and compassion, deserving of every remarkable accolade she receives. The biggest accolade is the Cancer Wellness & Research Centre that bears her name. It is exactly as @sometimesxtc described it, a 'medical sanctuary' that feels and looks unlike any other hospital. Olivia's influence put holistic care at the very heart of its vision with complementary therapies designed to support healing of the mind and spirit as well as the body. I marveled at her strength in the past 5 years as she demonstrated how to live with cancer rather than to engage in battle with it. Olivia truly understood the power of the present moment and her dogged positivity, as well as embracing a wide variety of healing modalities, helped her outlive the statistics of a metastatic cancer diagnosis, even if she could not outrun it.

    It feels surreal to wake up in a world she is no longer sharing but, of course, Olivia has already taught us how to do so. Her last studio album of original material, released six months before learning her breast cancer had returned for a third time, was a prescient collection of songs about coping with grief. The title track says it all:

    'Love is all we leave when we are gone
    Live on...
    In every heart of those we touch
    In every dream that means so much
    Yes I believe that all of us live on'

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  8. That was truly a beautiful post and tribute there @Guyhawke!.
  9. That's really good to know, thanks.
  10. Beautiful words @Guyhawke! It's wonderful that you got to know her.
  11. Also meant to say that the duets album is still on course to be released. They’d gone so quiet about it I’d assumed it had been scrapped!
  12. @Guyhawke! thank you for those beautiful words. She really was an angel.
  13. I’m guessing Till You Say You’ll Be Mine and Forever will be on it too, as there’s no other natural home for those two songs.
  14. Hope so. They aren’t easy to find on CD.
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  15. Did Olivia have quite a few duets beside the obvious ones?
  16. 0h yes. She recorded with lots of people over her career.
  17. Is it bad that I think Suddenly is probably my favourite duet of hers?! Actually don't care, beautiful song and beautifully sung too by both Dame Olivia and Sir Cliff.
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  18. I’d imagine Suddenly would be on the duets album. There’s supposed to be a new duet with Dolly Parton too.
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  19. A new duet with Dolly? Like the sound of that if so!
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  20. She did another duet with Cliff in 1995, “Had To Be” from the Heathcliff musical. Excluding mega-mixes and re-releases, it was her biggest UK hit since Landslide.

    I’d wondered why we hadn’t heard from Cliff following Olivia’s death, but he’s too devastated to release a statement directly and instead had Mike Read relay it to the media.
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