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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I quite like the idea of reissuing historic greatest hits albums. I wish they’d do it for ABBA’s instead of the umpteenth re-hash of Gold. They did it for David Bowie’s two “Changes” compilations. Completely pointless in terms of the tracks on it but it revived the artwork, and I do love the idea of it being reissued as it was then.

    Am I right in thinking that the eight bonus tracks on here aren’t random but are based on the various editions (US, UK, Australia, Japan) issued originally? Looking at the track listings for those on Discogs, it seems to all make sense.

    They will undoubtedly do this with volume 2 so the two together will cover much of her hit-making career (particularly if they add tracks to that one as well).
  2. Ah yes, this makes sense.

    Tracks 1 to 12 are US edition. UK removed Something Better To Do and Come On Over, but added Take Me Home Country Roads and Banks of the Ohio in their places (curiously still leaving out big UK hits What Is Life and Long Live Love).

    From the Australian edition, Every Face Tells A Story, Love Song, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Jolene, The Air That I Breathe and Making A Good Thing Better.

    Take Me Home Country Roads and Jolene also appeared on the Japan edition.

    Whoever compiled this new version certainly did their research!
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  3. Yes, it’s various hits from other territories. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina is on because it was a US B-side and a song Olivia apparently loved. Shame they missed off Long Live Love. I know it’s not a great song, but it was a U.K. hit and should have been included.
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  6. Well, If Not For You has turned up on Spotify in Australia, so it looks like we in the U.K. will get to hear it from midnight!

    US fans have apparently had their vinyl copies shipped today, but the CDs seem to have suffered a delay. It’s usually the other way around!
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  7. Shall give it a go!
  8. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but I hope you do.
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  9. Thanks, shall give you my thoughts when get round to it.
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  10. It’s an odd album in some ways. They are all cover versions but prior to hearing Olivia’s renditions, I had never heard any of the songs before. And one of them - “If” - was later a number one hit in 1975 for Telly Savalas (Kojak, a popular American TV series), who talked his way through it. When I first heard the original Gordon Lightfoot version of “If You Could Read My Mind” my reaction was, “this is an Olivia song!”.

    If You Could Read My Mind always amuses me when she sings the lines “just like a paperback novel, the kind the drug stores sell.” That will be Mills & Boon then…
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  11. We can listen on Spotify at least.

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  12. Yep, now on Amazon Music too.
  13. Well, just gave If Not For You a go, and actually, pleasantly enjoyed it. It was a nice, calming record with stunning vocals from Olivia as always. Her voice was truly one of the most soothing and easy voices to listen to, not to mention one of the strongest. Not all of it was my cup of tea not going to lie and the second half was much stronger than the first. The highlights? Where Are You Going To My Love and her breathtaking cover of If You Could Read My Mind.
  14. It's finally up on Amazon, but looks like it will take a few weeks to arrive.
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  15. Yes, it’s coming from Amazon US. Who don’t have it in stock either!
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  16. I’m really surprised you liked it. Especially Where Are You Going To… which is probably the heaviest ballad on the album!
  17. I never knew Olivia covered this!

    I know it from the amazing 90s dance cover version from the Studio 54 movie

    It's always been one of my favourite songs and I'm really enjoying Olivia's chilled take on it. I will be adding that to my Essential Olivia playlist.
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  18. I've enjoyed listening to the bonus tracks this morning, but amused at the last track being an instrumental. I guess you can sing in any language of your choosing.
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  19. I was surprised too-in a good way of course!
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  20. The LP and CD editions of the If Not For You reissue.


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