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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I agree. It’s because it’s an import. All the Primary Wave reissues have been over-priced here. The one disc Gaia remaster is nearly £22 on Amazon!
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  2. Cost of living crisis after all!
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  3. The Japanese 2 CD Greatest Hits is £48 on Amazon!
  4. Giving that a miss then for sure at that price!!!
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  5. Going back to the content of the If Not For You release… just wondering why the instrumental of Banks of the Ohio is under its German title? There are no vocals on it. I assumed it was the b-side of the German version but apparently that was If You Could Read My Mind. Does the German version and instrumental have a different mix to the English one?
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  7. I’ve no idea.

    Maybe it will be explained in the liner notes?
  8. How confident are we that Olivia’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 will be reissued in its own right? I *have* to have that album! It’s a matter of the highest pop priority.
  9. Also, just received the Physical deluxe edition. Good god, that video album! It manages to be complete genius and a parody of itself at the same time. One of the most 80s things I’ve ever seen, with touches of genius in the set-ups for many of the songs…
  10. When it came out though, it was one of the first video albums. The other 2 that came before it (ELO’s Discovery & Blondie’s Eat To The Beat) we’re mainly just stage performances. But yes, the Physical video album has certainly dated, but in1981 it was revolutionary.
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  11. No word yet, but I’m sure they’ll put it out. It’s silly they’re not doing it now as it’s the albums 40th anniversary next month.
  12. I SO would get the Vol2 Greatetst Hits on vinyl, for that stunning artwork!
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  13. Did you get the If Not For You reissue? I can’t remember what you said.
  14. No, not yet. Enjoyed the album more than thought would, but being good, lots spent this month. Maybe when more readily available might do though.
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  15. I have a feeling it’s not going to be sold here generally. You can order it from Amazon U.K. but it actually comes from the US. Takes a couple of weeks. HMV don’t have it on their website or in their shops!
  16. Have a feeling you could be right!
  17. I received my copy of the If Not for You deluxe (in the states) and gave it a listen yesterday. Its pretty inoffensive and pleasant overall, but I did really like a couple of tracks right off the bat. Namely Where Are You Going To…

    The production is indeed a mess but Til You Say You’ll Be Mine really is such a gem. The Biggest Clown is surprisingly strong as well.
  18. 'Magic' still not available on Aussie Spotify.
  19. Has your copy of If Not For You arrived yet? Mine hasn’t. He must have picked the slowest option he could to send it!
  20. It’s arrived today but damaged - some of the plastic in the corner of one of the CD trays has broken away with the loose bits in the package. I’ve contacted them to ask if I can swap it for a replacement.

    This is the trouble with digipacs, they have to be so well packaged. Not sure if the damage occurred in transit to them, or from them to me.
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