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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. What packaging did Toys & Film use?
  2. It’s a box of sorts, but only big enough to hold the item. It does look a bit crushed on one side. They’ve offered me a replacement so I’m going to send it back. They say none left there damaged. I could see spine damage through the cellophane (which I could have lived with) but once I opened it the bits of plastic emerged…
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  3. Now you mention it, I think Physical came in a small box from them.
  4. Hopefully yours will arrive undamaged. I got the Physical one undamaged from Amazon, normally their packaging isn’t strong enough. I asked Toys and Films if they could send the replacement in sturdier packaging but they’ve replied to say it’s the best they have. I’ll just have to hope it’s in a better state.
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  5. Amazon packaging seems to be different every time. You never know what you’re going to get!
  6. Yeah, I keep getting broken CDs from them unfortunately.
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  7. Just wondered if yours has arrived yet? Just as mine is on its way back!
  8. No sign yet. I checked the tracking number and it’s not been updated since last Friday!

    Did you happen to notice if yours was sent first or second class? I’m guessing it’s the latter!
  9. My copy of If Not For You was waiting for me when I got home today, and only slightly bashed! It’s less “my” genre than the other albums I’ve tried (Physical and Totally Hot). But she does have one of those special voices that grabs you, whatever genre she’s working in. She’s a pop communicator. Also very touching reading Olivia’s little essay on the album, written back in March. I wonder if she’s written one for each LP, in advance…?
  10. Olivia truly did have a perfect pop voice I think.
  11. Supposedly she has written more essays for future editions.

    It’s quite the leap from If Not For You to Physical! Just be aware her next few albums after INFY are more in this vein than the rockier sound she’d do later.
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  12. I’d agree with that. Rather like Diana Ross.
  13. Donna Summer too-more than just the Queen Of Disco. All 3 were the Queens Of The 70s/early 80s too.
  14. Thanks for the warning. I do feel vaguely inclined to just get them all. I like her that much! Amazing that, for me, she’s gone from “shrug” a couple of months ago to being on a par with ABBA / Human League / Fleetwood Mac / Kate Bush / Pet Shop Boys (etc). It’s funny how you can accidentally miss engaging properly with someone you’d love, even though some of their records have long been part of your everyday life - the same has happened with a-ha and Dead Or Alive, which I got into long after the event. I’d like to blame my parents for not buying Physical (what were they thinking??) but I can’t, really - they at least shoved a load of ABBA, Fleetwood Mac and Diana Ross in my direction.
  15. Have you heard Soul Kiss? Probably her most extreme pop album. You’d never believe it was the same person who recorded If Not For You!

    The great thing about Olivia is that if you love her voice, you can pretty much accept anything she did.
  16. I'm not saying I like every album, but at the same time it just great to finally have her back catalogue get the love and respect it deserves. First by being put back up on streaming and digital. And now the album re issues.
  17. I’m possibly saving Soul Kiss for when it gets its reissue. Or when I get desperate for new Olivia (whichever happens first!).
  18. Dive in and enjoy whenever-it really is a solid mid 80s pop rock album I think.
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  19. All Olivia’s albums are on Spotify now so dip in when you feel free!
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