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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. That does look rather lovely. Japan always are so lucky when it comes to music releases and re issues. So much care and attention to detail for one thing.
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  2. Yes, the attention to detail was incredible. Nice selection of bonus tracks too.
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  3. Side note, but @Tommy Johnson , have you ever saw this?

    I love how the natural warmth, affection and respect for one Australian icon to another comes out here.
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  4. Yes, I remember videoing it the night it came on. Olivia returned to the show the following month to perform her new single, The Rumour!
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  5. Wonder how well that would chart for her following that....
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  6. It didn’t is the honest answer!
  7. Shame too, not bad pop song either. Especially the Shep Pettibone remix.
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  8. Yes, I have a CD single that features the 7 and 12” Shep remixes of the song. It’s very rare now.
  9. My If Not For You 2CD from Amazon has finally been dispatched, hope it doesn't get bashed about too much over the ocean. Just looked on Amazon and it has shot up to £30.84!
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  10. Mine came on Friday. I’d ordered a ‘spare’ copy from Amazon U.K., but of course it comes directly from America.

    The bad news is it came in a thin, brown paper bag! I couldn’t believe they’d sent it overseas in that.

    The good news is the CD and packaging were in perfect condition. Truly a miracle.

    It’s Olivia’s birthday today. She would have been 74.
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  11. Ah, I will keep my fingers crossed for the next week or so!

    Yes, I thought of Olivia this morning. I listened to her while I was at the gym, I'm sure it's what she would've wanted.
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  12. 74, she really was gone too soon. Still can't believe it in a way.
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  13. Did your replacement copy arrive yet?
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  14. Not yet. I did chase them up the other day to make sure they’d got the return and they had. They replied to check I definitely wanted a replacement, so I’m hoping it arrives any day now.

    I did read the booklet before I sent it back. Was interesting to learn that the male vocalist on Banks of the Ohio (plus If You Love Me and Let Me Be There) was actually a Brit. I never knew that. He couldn’t have sounded more American if he tried.
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  15. Provisional schedules for BBC Two on Saturday 15th October showing a Olivia Newton John night and another episode of Top Of The Pops:
    10:15pm - Olivia Newton John At The BBC
    11:15pm - Xanadu
    12:50am - Only Olivia
    1am - Top Of The Pops

    The TOTP might be 04/01/79 with her performance of A Little More Love after she'd just been awarded an MBE. Nice to see Xanadu get a rare TV screening.
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  16. Great news! Hope we get some footage of Olivia at Wogan!
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  17. Good stuff! I've been waiting for a tribute of some sort.
  18. Great news thanks for posting this.

    I wonder if the TOTP ep will be the one from September 1980. She didn’t perform, but co-hosted the show with Simon Bates.

    The Only Olivia thing is odd. It appears to run for 10 minutes, but the original show lasted for 50!
  19. And Xanadu on the telly box too boot!
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  20. Where did you find this info, BTW?
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